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High Incline Press and DB Rows


ive recently stared to do db rows and high incline press for shoulders
i have some questions:
1. would it be better as a beginner that i go back to barbell row? or is there no legit reason and i should just do what feels better to me? that lift just felt very awkward to me and after my first seccsion with dbs ive gotten sore for the first time in my middleback/lower traps.

  1. i posted last week about my pressing lifts being stalled and was told to pretty much eat more. ive done so and liteally the first work out i smashed my previous weights. reguardless my OHP did not change by much and while looking on the site i found that many do High incline presses for hitting shoulders. on form how high should the bench be? most say about a notch from 90 but most pictures i see it looks like two and two on the bench at my gym looks similiar
    also hand placement of bar? should my grip be wide and have forarms perpedicular to floor? or a more clean style grip?

thanks in advance and for the people who helped me get the nutrition part of lifting down.


Learn how to bb row its a terrific exercise when done properly, but perhaps for the time being seeing as you like and feel comfortable with db rows do them.

Sure you can do high inclines for shoulders but know that your almost entirly hitting the front delt. If your doing them to get your shoulders used to lifting heavier loads i would suggest you use the push press which is exactly the same as an overhead press though with a SLIGHT leg drive to get the bar initally moving.


BB rows are a great exercise, but not essential. I prefer db rows as well. As far as technique, I squeeze at the top and stretch the bottom portion. FYI - I do deadlifts, t-bar rows, and db rows for back.

I switched about a month ago from OHP to incline press. Progress was always slow, never adding any appreciable weight. Best OHP was 225, and 195x5. Seated db press seems to be a better movement for me as well. Setup? Whatever angle the bench is set at the gym. Looks to be between 60-80 degrees. Hand placement (for me) is same as flat bench.


If something is working for you, you'd be a fool to change it. Just remember that soreness is only a clue: Progress is the key.

Use a clean grip. As long as your elbows are staying in front of your torso instead of out to the side, you'll be hitting the area you want. On that same note, the angle doesn't matter much. Do whatever is most comfortable to you.