High IGF-1 Result

I’m freaking out. Why is my IGF-1 high?
I’m on 100mg a week subq EOD.
Also, what are the reasons my total is midrange as opposed to the free T?!
Should I supplement with DHEA? How much?

Have you had it tested before? How old are you?

I haven’t tested it before, I’m 45

So yeah high for your age. Anything other than Test?

Pre-workout supplement, vitamins and protein

Total T is midrange and Free T high normal which is great, it’s do to your lower SHBG. I would have similar Free T numbers when Total T is midrange, my SHBG is in the high teens to low 20’s.

IGF-1 isn’t high enough to cause problems, it’s got to be insanely high to be concerned about. I’m 46 and my IGF-1 is in the 150 ranges, I tried peptides to increase it, it didn’t work.

So do I take my T shots to 80mg/wk and retest in 6 weeks?

I heard people taking SARMs to increase GH

In relation to your injections, when do you draw labs? Once weekly is hardly optimal.

I inject 21mg EOD to keep levels steady rather than having levels fluctuate from high to low during the week.

I do EOD.
My last lab was 24 hrs after injection

It doesn’t matter when you do labs, your levels are very steady. I’ve seen my levels plus or minus 10 ng/dL between doing labs on injection day v.s the day after.

How much DHEA do I need to take to make my level just a tiny bit over normal?

Careful with DHEA, it can increase estrogen and therefore anxiety and I’ve also heard from some men it gave them hypersexuality.

I would take it slow since SHBG is likely lower, 25-30mg daily, if SHBG was higher I would start you out at 50mg which isn’t the case for you.

In December my SHBG was 18

Your SHBG will not be static, it will fluctuate especially after lifting weights, so if you do labs within 24 hours of lifting weights…

I’ve seen mine as low as 16 and as high as 22, the latter occurred after 6 weeks of lifting weights, dietary changes (spinach and veggies) and going from 50mg twice weekly to 20mg EOD.

A mediterranean diets is best for low SHBG guys! Excess carbs will also lower SHBG.

Thank you for your input. I’m still worried about my IGF and will wait for others to provide their input.

Am 42. My igf is slightly elevated. Around 225.

Dr told me no worries. That it can go up when on trt. I also had no baseline. I check every so often and it’s the same all the time just slightly elevated. Lots of protein also I read can increase igf.

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What your dosage and frequency if you don’t mind sharing?

I share everything bud. Lol.

50 mg 2x a week

No dHeA
No ai

My hair is growing faster than B4 trt. Not sure if that more dht or igf. Just saying.

If that’s the first time you took that lab just to retake it in six - 10weeks and see if it continues to rise or it stays the same.

What’s your prolactin? Mine is slightly elevated too.

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Hi waco the scary part about high IGF-1 in older men is if you have a cancer( that you know or don’t know about) the high GH will accelerate its growth. If you are cancer free there is no issue. Young body builders increase there IGF-1 or hell take HGH to increase muscle growth they are not worried or even thinking about cancer.

I would not take any DHEA just wait and see if your IGF-1 goes down on its own. TRT is know to increase GH in men. Some hormones over shoot as the body trys to stabilize everything.

Your Free T is perfect because your SHGB is low and you don’t need a high TT. Feel lucky because you are. Us guys with low SHGB just don’t need much so the other bad side effects from high T doses are never a problem for us.

You can relax you are doing great just give it some time.

Prolactin is normal…