High Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Blood Count

High Ksman long time no talk too.
Its been sometime since I’ve posted but this is disturbing for the last 9 months I’ve had to do blood samples so hear goes:
Jan 1 - T levels were in the tank – T = 158 Hemoglobin = 15.9 Hematocrit n/a
Jun 9 - T = 341 Hemo 17.8 Hematocrit 52.3
Sept 23 T = 689 Hemo 19.9 Hematocrit 57.5
Hence my bloods came back with high levels of Hemo/Hema
My doctor’s freaking out and said I’m in the DANGER zone of dieing he’s making me go cold turkey for 4 weeks (5 including this past week prior to bloods) and to draw a pint of blood for 4 weeks, that will hurt a ton for sure. I’m already feeling the crash…

A bit about me I’ve been on T for 16 years and also Hcg I’ve had high Hemo readings before but for some reason this year has been strange although I purposely dropped the T does in Jan to lower my Hemo but still injecting e2wks.
So in Aug I stepped back up to 1ML e5d this time injected into fatty tissue w/25ga needle easy to do and I did notice a better and smother injection time.

There’s a ton more about me, in short I’m 65 last year broke my knee tore my ab muscles and have degeneration/arthritus of the spine L1-L2 bulging disc from knee accident T1-2 also suck, NO W/O since my knee injury and let me tell you all… I need to get back in the grove.

Last month went to Mexico and actually felt a ton better??? strange note on the way home at the Airport pharmacy they were selling Deca-Durabolin over the counter I think $40.00 50mg/ml, have no idea about it but had asked my orthopedic doctor months prior if HGH would/could benefit my spinal condition I believe he said it might? I don’t remember so don’t quote me on that.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

hGH may help, but is it typically something that few can afford.

Bone and joint pain: I tried lots of things that simply did not work. Found that Rx 15mg meloxicam works very well. $40/year at USA Walmart etc.

Injecting more often will help with high HTC.
You should have blood removed.
Avoid iron fortified foods, supplements etc.
Aspirin helps red blood cells slide easier.
Fish oil can thin blood a bit too.
Avoid dehydration and do not skip water prior to fasting blood work.

You could inject twice a week to lower T peaks even more.
e2wks may be the primary cause

Please do not touch deca and there are always ‘fakes’ out there too.

Post labs and ranges.