High Hemoglobin HELP

hey guys for the 5 test my HGB is high again it was 17.5 DR had me stop for 30 days…it was 16.3. a month later. he now wants me to inject every 3 weeks!! that does not work for me…it kills my erections…so my question is how can I and what amounts inject more frequent but not cause hemoglobin to up? smaller injections every few days? I am 43 been on TRT for 4 yrs…nothing else…I was going 100mg once a week. thanks guys.

Giving blood is free and works immediately. Could be a solution in and of itself depending on how much you can donate.

hematocrit is really what we need to see.

You need to make sure that you avoid supplements and vitamins that contain iron and avoid iron fortified cereals and breads.

Many do need to get blood removed, or donate if able.

“5 test” = “T test” ?

Most will do better with T twice a week.

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Sorry my man. For 5 blood tests in a row…50mg twice a week? Not sure how after 5 yrs this is a problem. What makes it worse is I suffered a head injury and the last thing I need is thick blood. Do u recommend donating? If so how often. Thank u very much

Even is the cause is not found …

If blood it thick [HTC], aspirin makes red blood cells flow easier.

Do not be dehydrated for your labs. If fasting, drink water. Dehydration can affect results.

Do u agree with 50mg 2x a week?

I aways recommend injecting twice a week VS longer. I also suggest T EOD if injecting 250iu hCG EOD to obtain an easier routine.

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Did you get your thyroid issues resolved? There is a thyroid basics topic as well.

no HCG he dont beleive in it lol I just recieve my labs in mail NO TEST FOR 30 DAYS

dec 9 2015 HGB 17.5 HCT 50.9

Jan 12 2016 HCB 16.3 HCT 48.5

thank u again…I will do 50mg 2x a week…

You are still within the standard range of both HGB and HCT. I would not be especially worried about it. Sounds like your doctor is being extra cautious, which isn’t always a bad thing. He also sounds like he doesn’t know much about TRT, because injecting once every 3 weeks is not the way it’s done. Two times a week is better. Some people inject every other day, some people even inject every day. I don’t think changing from one injection a week to two injections a week is going to make any difference on your HCT/HGB levels. You may want to start donating blood to the Red Cross every 56 days, that should keep the levels from creeping up too high.

Thank you for your reply…yes he sucks at it…I asked him about HCG once and his reply was “why are u trying to get pregant”