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High Hemoglobin, Headaches

Got a question. I have been on TRT for 18 months. At my last blood draw in May my total test was just over 1000 and free was just over 23. My hemoglobin was 16.1. I normally take 180mg a week divided out on three shots a week. A couple weeks ago, I upped my dose on my own because i had some extra test and wanted to get a little boost in the gym. That week i took probably around 230mg total.

The weekend after i upped my dose, I got a significant headache while under the bar benching. it was on my second rep of my first set while on my back on the bench. It was a sharp stabbing headaches in the base of my brain that gets really sharp when my heart beat…so much so i dropped the weights in pain. Felt like someone was stabbing me in the head with an ice pick. I also got nauseous and had sensativity…very similar to a migraine (which i have had a couple times in the past) but worse. The intense pulsating pain lasts about 3 mins and then subsides to a dull ache for a few days after. By thursday of that week i was back to normal. I didnt go to the doctor because i thought it was just a migraine. Then the same exact thing happened that next weekend. I went to get an IV because i thought i might have been dehydrated. they checked my blood pressure twice and it was 150-ish/89. i have never run high. I was also fatigued that week. I remembered my test doctor telling me a year or two ago that some people get high RBC and need to give blood to lower that. The next morning i got up and gave blood. They tested my hemoglobin and it was 17.2, which i understand is high. I felt crappy that day, but by the next day i felt fine. I went ahead and made an appointment with my primary care doc and they want me to go ahead and get an MRI to rule anything that the MRI can catch out, i am going to go ahead and do that even though I now feel fine. They also did an xray of my upper spine to make sure it wasnt a pinched nerve, which it wasnt. They think it might just be stress, at least thats what they told me.

Here is my question, those who have had a high hemoglobin, have you ever experienced symptoms of that? And if so, what are the symptoms of high hemoglobin?

FWIW, i am going to make sure i donate blood once a quarter whether i need it or not. Doesnt hurt plus it helps people, so why not!

This all started while benching, it may not be a pinched nerve but could be a neck muscle. Your muscles are attached to bone and those tiny muscles can also tear. The only connection I see to te higher dose, is the need to pusher harder and heavier. I imagine that its an injury. Migraines come with an aura that hurt behind the eyes, temples and in some cases the back of the head, and neck. A neck injury can induce migraines