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High Hemoglobin and Hematocrit

I have used this forum for years and it has been a tremendous help with never having to post. I cant get enough info for a solid answer so need to ask. My hemoglobin and hematocrit is high 18.7 and 55.1, how can I reduce these numbers without decreasing dosage? Thank you in advanced

No you can’t.
You need to go donate blood before they won’t let you. My blood bank will not accept >19 hemo

If you get stuck and can’t donate for some reason call your Dr and request a theraputic phlebotomy. You’ll have to pay for it probably (insurance?) But that’s what youll have to do or resuce yout dosage for a bit to get it down enough to be able to donate regularly.

Also make sure you’re drinking enough water, it wouldn’t affect it by a lot but maybe a point or 2 to knock it down a bit so you can donate.

I find when injecting twice weekly or EOD my HCT is on the higher end towards 48-50%, but if I inject smaller daily doses HCT is 2-3% lower even with a similar Total T, even RBC is lower.

I find I need a lot less T to get my Total T sufficiently elevated on a daily protocol, this is the reason for the lower HCT, because I’m using less mg to achieve the same Total T as before and HCT is 2-3% lower as a result.

I know of another poster who got tired of crashing his ferritin every 6 months and started a daily protocol and has not had to donate blood for years.

Be careful about excess blood donation or you could crash ferritin and cause iron deficiency.


So @systemlord, if one were to switch from bi-weekly to daily, would you wait until your next normal injection date and simply inject 1/7th of your total weekly dose on that day and every day thereafter?

I wouldn’t bother waiting for levels to decline, your levels are elevated, take advantage of the situation and start daily injections at a time when levels are good, it will make the transition easier.