High Hemoglobin and Hematocrit?

I was hoping to get some advice for my levels. I am not sure if these are considered high or are ok… they look to me to be on the high side. Should I be donating blood at these levels? If so how often?

Hemoglobin 17.2 NORMAL 13.0-17.7 g/dL 01
Hematocrit 49.2 NORMAL 37.5-51.0 % 01

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I think you are concentrating to much on the numbers. It is the same thing that use to happen on these forums with guys and their E2 numbers. They thought there was this magical number of 22 for E2 and everyone chased it. Caused nothing but pain, suffering and anxiety.

What symptoms do you feel you have because of the high numbers? Treat those. Headaches? Bloody noses? Redness on the chest? Rapid heart rate? High Blood pressure?

Google search this. Giving blood to often can be counter productive. I give blood once every 2 or 3 months. And then they check my ferritin levels. They have a set number threshold you cant fall under in order to donate blood.

I don’t actually have any symptoms I was just worried about it causing a blood clot or something along those lines.

I do my own trt which I started around 3 months ago. I want to make sure I am keeping everything in check.

My Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are higher before I started. Really I don’t want to over worry about it but I do want to make sure I am doing what should be done.

The evidence does not support the notion that erythrocytosis due to TRT increases the risk of cardiovascular events. Even the American College of Urologists came out with a position paper stating such.

Many doctors who recommend phlebotomy will admit that, but still recommend it because while TRT does not cause thrombus formation, one who gets one while on TRT might blame it on testosterone. Some doctors oppose phlebotomy for this purpose. I believe physioLogik is one of them.

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Those levels are nothing to worry about and the cause is a known, TRT is a new field of medicine and doctors need to be aware that TRT can raise RBC, HCT and Hemoglobin and that there are other medical conditions that show similar results in which polycythemia vera vs polycythemia would show elevated HCT levels.

A uninformed doctor would typically treat high HCT as one of those two conditions mentioned above, it is a side effect of TRT and is why we are monitors so closely every 6 months. There are people living at high altitude who have very high hematocrit aree are fine.

In the absence of symptoms even a HCT of 52% is nothing to worry about, but it’s something to monitor.

You might want to check out this video Nick -