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High Hematocrit / Low Ferritin

I have been on HRT for 9 months almost, and my hematocrit is creeping up. Thing is, I am hypothyroid as well as hypogonadal, and like many with hypothyroidism, I have lowish iron. I have donated blood 2x already, and wiped my ferritin down to below the lowest end of the scale.

Is there anything I can do to lower hematocrit without donating blood?

The only other solution I know is to do less Test, or no test!, and that is a lousy option because I am almost dialed in with an ideal Total and Free T (upper quadrant without going beyond range).

Any other way to lower hematocrit without donating blood?

So this:



Can you post your current CBC? And this should not have been a new thread! And we need the context of your thyroid problems, labs and actions. Please take this back to your other thread.

Hi KSman, thanks for the reply.

This thread is divorced from my earlier threads because:

  1. it is a general question: “Is there anything I can do to lower hematocrit without donating blood?”
  2. I found that my original post where I did as requested and put all of the needed info in it – many months ago now – went unanswered and fizzled out

I do think it makes sense to have general questions with sensible subjects that match what they are, instead of just a bunch of case histories where nuggets of useful info may be buried.

It would be helpful to see hemoglobin, RBC, ferritin and hematocrit labs before/after. Your statements about wiped out iron levels does provide some info. So I guess that leaves PV. [link]

We have no idea if your T dose was typical or high, or your serum levels. You could have used your old post and pinged me on the KSman is here thread if I did not pickup the old thread. New posts by you should pop you thread to page 1.