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High Hematocrit levels

RBC 6.20 High x10E6/uL 4.10 â?? 5.60 01
Hemoglobin 18.0 High g/dL 12.5 â?? 17.0 01
Hematocrit 52.2 High % 36.0 â?? 50.0 01

Is this reason/cause for concern? Doctor says with those levels HRT is not practical.
But won’t HRT raise these levels anyway?

Its a bit high but just give some blood and it will drop down. Yes, TRT will increase those. If you are taking iron, drop that too. That will raise RBC.

Ok, so I goto doctors and tell her gels are not working, which they aren’t, so she asks what I want, I tell her injections. She looks at last bloodwork and says RBC and Hematocrit are too high. She then takes another blood draw for a CBC and says she will call me tomorrow with results.

I am guessing depending on CBC I may get inject or nothing at all.

So I saw the Endo yesterday for bloodwork, got results today. From the results doc told me to stop everything. I am only on one tube Testim 1% daily and Multi-vitamin.

WBC Automated 6.40 / 3.53-9.57
RBC 5.72 / 3.96-5.50
HGB 17.10 / 12.14-16.27
HCT 50.10 / 35.39-47.19
MCV 87.6 / 80.0- 98.0
MCH 29.90 / 25.69-32.95
MCHC 34.10 / 32.00-36.00
RDW 15.30 / 12.09-15.19
PLT Automated 225.0 / 150 - 450
MPV 8.80 / 7.53-11.28

Aren’t these values slightly elevated from the Testosterone? Have to wait another month for bloodwork again. That means another month of feeling miserable.

Looks like they have dropped some already. Sounds like he is being very conservative and you’ve got to live with it or find a new doctor. Yes, test likely did this.

My RBC was 5.87, HGB was 19.2, HCT was 55.6, RDW was 15.5. My doc wasn’t concerned at all because I have no side effects from it. Said he a just come back from a conference where they were saying that HGB of 20 was still safe for most people.

I went and did a “therapeutic withdraw” and will do another in 3 months.