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High Hematocrit, But Can't Donate. Advice?

On TRT therapy and latest blood results shows high RBC and Hematocrit. However can’t donate blood for 12 months due to recent international travel. Any other suggestions?

Lower your dosage is the only way, your TRT protocol could be to blame.

Care to share your TRT protocol?

100 mg/ml once a week

mg/ml isn’t a dose

Splitting your dose into 2x50mg per week or lowering the dose might help, might not. You may need to lower it below the levels where its theraputic for you.
How high is it?
I suppose you can ask your Dr to schedule a therapeutic phlebotomy, they just throw the blood away on those. But it will cost a bit of $.

I’ve heard of guys threading a needle into a vein and let it flow out in a diy solution, but that isn’t recommended. (Do not do this)

I knew that may have been your problem, smaller injections has been known to decrease CBC across the board, estrogen and many other hormones. If your SHBG is lower, you may be better served injecting more frequently than twice weekly.

Tell us numbers. Are they even high. You think they are.

At 100mg per week I can’t see how it’s kncreased so much.

Tell us your age.
What was HCT and rbc before and after.

Go daily if you really want to make an impact. But first let’s look at the numbers to see if you even need to worry about this.

I thought about this but you need to have someone there with you. If you pass out you will eventually just bleed out or end up in a coma and brain damaged or something.

You will have to pay for a therapeutic phlebotomy

100 mg can definitely raise hematocrit way up high. Highest I had on that dose was 58. Injection frequency or lowering dosage doesn’t work for everyone. I lowered mine at one point to 80 mg split into 2 shots a week. That did jack shit. Hematocrit averaged 55-56 and all trt benefits also disappeared. Pre trt I was in the 45 range for hematocrit. Only thing that worked was donating blood. Dropped it by 6 points.

What was you protocol? Was it T only or were there other things in the mix there?

I’m asking because I’m not convinced that T alone was responsible for your issue.

What was the diet like? Water intake?

Me? T only. Diet good. Hydration good. Everything else good. 100% the T increased the hematocrit.


Ok I see. Strange how it comes right back down after just a couple days. Did you monitor platelets as well?