High Hematocrit and Hemoglobin

I have a question about hematocrit and hemoglobin (55 and 19.6). I did donate the blood today so that should help. I have read and was told by the my doctor that these levels are not concerning or dangerous when or TRT. Thoughts? …
My main question: Do you feel anything with high hematocrit and hemoglobin? What are your symptoms? How did you feel after donation?

Some report fatigue, sluggishness, shortness of breath going up stairs, increased blood pressure.

Most feel nothing, some feel somewhat energized.


Ok so this is very confusing. This guy says same as what I have read and what my doctor says, that it is not harmful. Yet not a word about possible symptoms? Are these you listed legit? Or only in actually sick people…

To be honest both Neil Rouzier who is the medical driving force of TRT and my doc say these levels of hematorcrit and hemoglobin are fine, but I personally wouldnt be comfortable having them and maybe would do a single donation and reduce my dose or look to switch to a cream.

I may be wrong, but I tend over cautious over certain things

What also you can do immediately is start drinking at least 4 liters of water per day. If you are not well hydrated this can pull the hct and hmb down

Dehydration can falsely elevate HCT as fluid volume in the blood drops, adequately hydration will pull it down to what it really is… you. won’t permanently lower HCT/RBC count by drinking way too much water

Some data indicates grapefruit (naringin present in grapefruit) may activate apoptotic mechanisms in RBC’s, help regulate homeostasis regarding blood viscosity

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Ive heard about grapefruit.

As much as I know hydration will reduce the chances of any possible issue if you have elevated blood counts not that it will reduce them

Is it in the fruit of the grapefruit, the peel or the rind? I feel like Iron or someone like that said it wasn’t in the fruit/juice but could be wrong and that you needed it in supplement form.

If I recall correctly it’s primarily present within the peel of the grapefruit

Doesn’t mean you can’t eat the peel, I’ve done it before

Granted my haemoglobin is currently 130, the last thing I need is a drop in my red cell count, haemoglobin or hct

Just checking in case someone thinks they are just going to eat a grapefruit like normal and expect results.

I am on the cream…I had lower results on actual injections. Also I did have it for few months now so not a dehydration issue. I don’t feel comfortable with these numbers thus I donated the blood. It took me 3 times to actually do it since first 2 my heart wouldn’t go under 100. However, I have been feeling really bad lately and not sure if that was the hematocrit to blame or not.

Have you checked iron and ferritin after donation?