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High Hematocrit and ED


Folks, I have been on TRT for a bout 2 years, the last year on pellets, and they work for me. Two things that are concerning me.

  1. My ematocrit is very high, i could barely donate blood because blood was so thick! (TRT asked me to go in low dose aspirin)

  2. Can high hematocrit lead to more difficult erections? I seem to be much smaller than I used to be!

Thanks for all you input!


Lower HTC and find out.

There can be many health effects of high HTC. Blood flow is reduced and brain may be affected. Liver and kidneys can be damaged.

When you get new pellets inserted, T levels may be high for some time and that may be a significant factor.

Take mini aspirin and fish oil to improve blood flow.

Avoid iron fortified foods; breads and cereals are major offenders. Men’s vitamins should not list iron. Ibuprofen often comes with brown coatings, typically iron oxide.


What does your lab work look like?


Thanks KSman! I will share blood work when I get home, but for the most part im in good shape! Some supplements im taking, simply because I cant keep up with my wife of two years, as we have sex on average 2x a day. (im not bragging…) Just a fact and might also be a facotr…


1 150mg DIMM
1 50mg Zinc
1 folic acid
1 l-argenine
3 vitamin d (now in normal range)
1 B-12 (now in normal range)


T4-Free .95
T3-Free 3.4
Reverse T3 11
Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate-355
LH <0.1
Free T-22.38
insulin like growth factor-172
Hematocrit-51 (donated blood last week, should be lower now)


Please edit your post above and add lab ranges. Look for the pencil icon.

TSH should be nearer to 1.0, TSH=2.52 is not good. Ignore the thyroid lab ranges.
fT3 and fT4 should be near mid range or a bit higher.

Have you been feeling cold easier lately?
Switched to sea salt from iodized salt?

E2 is a major problem, should be near E2=22pg/m. At your levels, many have mood and libido problems.
You need anastrozole to manage E2. Serum E2 levels need to balance serum FT levels. Your T levels are not steady month to month, so E2 management is compromised by using pellets and you will not get to optimal or steady. DIM and zinc is wishful thinking and ineffective.

Lowering E2 may greatly improve things.
TSH indicates that things are not right. But doctors will pronounce that you are normal.

The stickies are now linked from the 2nd post of the first topic in this forum.
Have you read those before?

In the thyroid basics explained thread, evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as suggested. Check your wife’s body temperatures too.


Thanks KSman… For the most part i feel good. Def better than while trying to inject, last pellets I had inserted i was steady at 895 for most of the time, these results are after one month new pellets. I went too long between pellet insertion, and my T crashed around 250, so im reamping up now. Ill have new blood work in about two weeks.

I too thought my E2 was high, i have custome AI made by pharmacy .5 as ai am a major over responded to any AI.

I dont think i feel cold, most of the time im kinda hot.

As for the Zinc, L-argenin, and folic acid… its just to produce more cum… Im pretty tapped out having sex 2x a day, albeit half hard!

As for salt, i generally dont add salt to foods, and do use sea salt if we do.

I will post ranges when I get home.

Thanks again!!!


OK, you are iodine deficient - and so is your wife.

In the thyroid basics explained thread, evaluate your overall thyroid
function by checking oral body temperatures as suggested. Check your wife’s body temperatures too.

Read that whole sticky. She needs to do the same.
Has she had any labs done?


Yeah, she is totally healthy… ill review the sticky, its been about 2-3 years. :slight_smile:


Don’t be so sure!



One thing you should be doing is get on a regimen of natural blood thinners. It wont lower your hematocrit, but it can drastically reduce your blood viscosity, and thin it out. When I am doing the following, I can barely clot if I get a cut:

Minimum 1000 mg EPA via Fish Oil (capsules or liquid).
Sprinkle garlic powder on all your meals liberally.
Buy some oregano powder and sprinkle it on your meals as well.
Use Olive Oil for cooking and enjoy some Flax Oil daily as well.

I am definitely not one of those people who says pharmaceuticals should be replaced with “natural alternatives / herbals”. But the blood thinning effects of these four things are significant. I have a family history of Deep Vein Thrombosis, and not surprisingly my 23andMe results showed my biggest risk factor among all disease is DVT. So I have maintained this blood thinning regimen for years, and I do believe it will play a role in reducing my risk significantly. As I said, I’ve cut myself and noticed significantly worse bleeding. Not to mention, prior to surgical procedures they tell you to discontinue Fish Oils. It works well.

The goal is to reduce the risk of clotting. This will work. I would avoid aspirin like the plague.