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High HCT and HGB

noticing high HCT and HGB on 250 mg/wk Should I be concerned? are there any suggestions to bring down my levels? I’m currently 25 6 foot 195 just looking to pack on some size any suggestions would be appreciated!

You are border line for HCT. What is your BP like? That is a good indicator if you are in danger (high HCT and high BP is worse than high HCT and low BP).

The danger of high HCT is that you are making your heart work harder. If it is a big issue, it will show up in your BP measurements.

If this is a long term dose, I would think about lowering your dose or donating somewhat frequently.

Eat half a grapefruit a day. HCT goes up because of spikes in testosterone levels. Mine is crazy high, so I switched to small daily injections and dropped my dose significantly. We shall see if that helps. But bottom line is that at 52% you’re a mile away from me and neither my doctor nor his NP have any concerns about that level. The ranges exist and they matter, but things like lipids being out of whack for a few months or high HCT that can be explained by exogenous drug use are a lot less worrying when it’s a healthy person. Ask a doctor who sees a dozen chronically ill people a day if 52% is high and they’ll look at you like you’ve lost your mind.

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thank you! alsp I’ve been at 250mg/wk for about 3 1/2 months was planning on doing a blast but since my levels were alittle above range I was very skeptical. my hgb and hct have been at that same range since i started trt a year and a half ago. not sure if I should drop the dose and lower my levels before I go ahead and bump to 450mg/wk. any thoughts ?