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High HCT 53.7%, What Should I Do?

Im 62, 6 months on trt, dosage 90mg/week pinned e5d
My free test before trt 1,8 ng/ml, now 2 days after pinning 6,53 mg/ml (2,8 - 8,00)
HCT now 53,7%
What should i do?

  • Donate blood?
  • Decrease dosage?
  • quit TRT?

Thanks for help

Your hematocrit can fluctuate within a relatively short period of time, especially injecting every 5 days.

Providers don’t suggest any action until HCT reaches 54%. You left out important info, how do you feel.

If it bugs you go give blood, that doesn’t hurt anything and it may be of help to someone in need.

1 month ago HCT was 53%. I think i feel good. Not great but good. Also i have Atherosclerosis. Im on low dose of statins and 75mg of aspirin with total cholesterol of 140. HDL about 60, ldl about 65. Never had stroke, heart attack and so on. Thanks for reply


And I would lower does and do 40mg 2x a week. Total of 80 mg. Then check hct after a few weeks

When did you start try?

I started TRT 6 months ago, i was depressed, now its kinda better but its hard to evaluate. My endocrinologyst subscribed me sustanon every 2 weeks, but i went for test cyp e5d.
So i should mabey pin e4d? Does pinning more often help with HCT?

It does in my case, I need 31mg less weekly on a daily protocol versus an EOD protocol and get about the same numbers. No one can say for sure if more frequent injections will lower hematocrit, TRT is a world where no two men respond the same.

You’ll find doctors that will do one or two of the above as well as some who would be unconcerned and recommend nothing. Those that do react, do so at varying levels, 50%, 52%, 54%, 55%, etc.

In your favor, you have low platelets.


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Im at 54% HCT not, im currently taking 75mg Aspirin, will increasing it to 150mg help? I will add i have Atherosclerosis