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High GI Whole Food for PWO with Whey?


The whey I'm using only has 3grams of carb per serving
and my friend tells me it'd be a good idea to get some more carb right after workout.
(I have unlimited mealplan so I'd like to take advantage of that
instead of buying maltodextrin & dextrose separately)
Up to this point, right after my workout & 30min cardio
I would just run to the dining hall and have a banana, then shake.

but I read that carbs from fruits are slow to get absorbed
so what kind of food would give me an insulin spike appropriate for PWO?

The dining hall always has;
white bread & bagels
pasta(whole grain)
whole wheat bread & bagels
potato salad
fruit juice from the machine (from concentrate, which i think is full of hfcs)

Would having 1-2 slice of whitebread or some pasta create similar effect as malto/dextrose?


Yes. Have some starchy food PWO if thats easier for you.


You can use any mushy fruit or fruit juice after a workout.

Dr. Doug Kalman RD said in his ISSN listserv that white bread works just as good as waxy maize.


Avoid fructose (fruit juice, fruit, pop, etc.), it doesn't replenish glycogen and it leaves the liver as fat. Cream of Rice is the best PWO carb IME, try 1/3 cup (dry) with pure whey isolate. It's cheap, fast, easy, and incredibly effective at replenishing glycogen and spiking insulin.


i wouldnt go that far i mean maybe the difference is very small but white bread is not as good as wm


The liver can convert fructose into glucose.


Yeah, but..

"Because it is metabolized by the liver, fructose does not cause the pancreas to release insulin the way it normally does. Fructose converts to fat more than any other sugar. This may be one of the reasons Americans continue to get fatter. Fructose raises serum triglycerides significantly. As a left-handed sugar, fructose digestion is very low. For complete internal conversion of fructose into glucose and acetates, it must rob ATP energy stores from the liver."


a 1:2 ration of protein:carbs would be ideal, the white bread would be an excellent choice from what you listed.

Fruit juice would be my second choice.


Thanks! That is a solution I have been pondering, as well.


Potatoes and white bread/bagels release the most insulin of the carbs on your list. Pasta not so much.