High GI PWO Drink?

First, I should state that my interest is not bodybuilding, but powerlifting, therefore my goals are different.

I read recently from various respected sources that sugary PWO drinks should be reserved for very intense workout (which is only possible from a CNS point of view at most twice a week).

Therefore isn’t it better for Biotest to sell a whey product so that we can use correct sugars only when we really need them, and use it without the rest of the time (BCAAs + Protein Powder)?

In a Poliquin Interview, Poliquin stated that carbohydrate intake PWO should be an reflection of training session.

Charlie Francis also advocates not using a high-GI PWO drink too often.

What’s your opinion on this? It would also be great if some contributors can give their opionions!


Interesting question.
You should ask in one of the locker rooms too.

Hey good thing we have Grow! then eh!. for those days we dont have intense workouts giving sustaiibned release of a FULL amino profile.

Though I agree to a point it would be nice to have a simple whey at times though Im not sure the amoubnt of people that desire it will be enough for tem to produce such a supplement.