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High GI PeriWO Carbs in the NWO

So, given Anaconda is now the rage, is it to be assumed that high gi periWO carbs are not optimal?

I mean, I can buy it. I never thought immediately replenishing glycogen was THAT important as long as you eat enough carbs to perform during your workout. If the leucine/CH can crank up insulin it makes sense to me.

So should I throw out my bucket of malto?

[quote]milktruck wrote:

So should I throw out my bucket of malto?[/quote]

No. Theres still a large majority of lifters that have PWO carbs that see results all the time. The introduction of Anaconda does not imply that what people have been doing from weekend warriors to pro bodybuilders has not been working since the 60s.

The ‘NWO’ is back?! Man, I stop watching wrestling for a few years…


Obviously what has worked isnt going to stop working, I just thought it was curious the super badass protocol 5000 included no carbs.

Ive never watched wrestling, however, I am a political and economic conspiracy theorist wearing tin foil underpants.

It does include carbs, in the form of lots of finibars. Just low GI.

… I odn’t know either, and my foil pants are starting to chafe.