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High GI Carbs and Vascularity

I usually keep my carbohydrate intake low(below 100g per day) except for my cheat days.

Today I was eating lunch at a Korean restaurant and you can’t have Korean food without white rice. BTW, I’m half Korean. About 5 minutes after I finished my meal, my arms were quite vascular.

I’ve noticed that the vascularity in my body is more pronounced after a cheat meal or any meal with high GI carbohydrates. The veins in my arms, quads, and even one around my top abs will start popping out.

Is there a physiological correlation b/w high GI carbs and the temporary ridiculous vascularity I experience?

Insulin will cause your blood vessels to dilate and as well all know high GI carbs will spike your insulin. So…yea, there’s your answer.

Yup the above about covered it, that and metabolism going friggin NUTS at all the fast energy being shuttled in, raises HR, that and remember for every gram of glycogen stored in muscle and elsewhere it also has to bring along approx. 3grams of water.

Happens all the time, heck even PWO Surge does it to me.

Thanks for the responses.

I figured it had to do something with the insulin but I never knew that insulin dilated your veins.

On the opposite token when I am going very low carb my vascularity is almost nil. I used to think it was a water retention issue, but I’ve learned it’s more related to BP, HR, and insulin as the other guys mentioned.

It is not an excuse, however, to indulge in high GI/GL carbs. Pretty soon your improved vascularity will be all covered up by fat…

When I’m just eating normally, I do have vascularity in my forearms and biceps but not nearly as much after a meal with high GI carbs. If it’s cold out, my vascularity is nonexistent.

You’re right, just to get your veins to pop out is no reason to eat unhealthy. I’d rather stay lean and have no vascularity.

This is the very reason bodybuilders consume high glycemic carbs (cookies,cakes etc…) back stage only minutes before jumping on stage. This ensures every little bit of vascularity is revealed to the max