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High GI Carbs 2 Hours PWO


After my workout around 10:00 if i have my usual protein shake (whey banana honey etc.) to help raise my insulin levels etc should i still be having a high GI Carb 2 hrs after like a white potato or a medium GI carb like brown rice?

BASCIALLY MY QUESTION IS.....Should i still try and raise my insulin levels that long afterwards or just concentrate on low GI carbs for my next meal 2 hrs later?


What I always do is after a workout protein synthesis and utilization is almost double so I have the post-workout shake which consists of 50-60 grams whey protein, 10 grams creatine, 5 grams glutamine, 30 grams dextrose and 30 grams maltodextrin.

Anyway, I take this immediatly after workout and then 1 hr. later I eat a solid food meal which might be 3 chicken breasts and a can of green beans and a glass of milk. This is a lot of food in a short time but remember protein utilization is way up. The post workout shake is the only high sugar/insulin spiking meal I have all day.


What are your goals? If you want to lose fat, I would say no... But if size is your only concearn, then sure go for it.