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High GI Carb Sources?


Anyone that is on CBL, what carbohydrate sources do you guys use for post-workout? I personally wish i could eat chipotle (w/ white rice) after every workout but i just can't afford it hah


Read the main thread or goodgle Skipload approved foods.


why do i have to read the main thread? this question is independent of that thread, and when i google skipload approved foods i find one link that has maybe 3 or 4 suggested foods and then this thread.


Hmm... I just googled it, got a huge thread with Skip Hill himself discussing it and giving 15+ pages of low-fat, Hi-Gi carb sources. And the main thread went over this same topic.

You're new here, but we try not to have a bunch of threads discussing the same thing or that have been covered already. Just a heads-up.


White bread, white rice, rice cakes, willy wonka candy, powdered gatorade, pure dextrose powder. Juice ( most juices are roughly a 50/50 combo of glucose and fructose). Some pro bodybuilders like phile heath use soda sometimes. I use a waxymaize, or dextrose powder with a protein blend and ovaltine for extra carbs and taste.