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High GH Levels & Training


Ok I just got results from some bloodtests that were taken because the doctor was concerned of some previous test results I had. The doctor told me that my growth hormone levels were higher than usual. She said that my levels are that of an 18-year old (I'm 21 now), and that I might still grow..
Is there anyway I can capitalize on my high GH levels with training? What kind of an effect could those levels have, regarding possible training results?


Maybe, if you are lucky, you have hight T levels too.

Just eat a LOT and train smart.



You would probably have great results with HFT.


I had my T levels tested last fall, they were normal, sadly. There's also nothing else that indicate me having high T levels, but who knows, maybe it is high.


That's funny, considering that I usually burn out quite quickly when I train with high frequency or high volume.


train hard and eat right... the same things people with normal GH levels do

Knowing you have higher then normal GH levels (and they don't even sound extroidanarly high) doesnt mean you can throw out everything you may have learned in the past about training. it sounds like you have an idea what works for you... keep doing that! If you have great results super...


That's what I'll keep doing regardless. I'm not gonna throw out anything, in fact I'll try to learn more. That's one of the reasons I asked this question, I don't have much knowledge about this part of training.