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High fT3 and fT4?

Hey guys just wondering what this could mean.

My last result (december 2015) was

TSH 1.79 0.5-5mU/L
fT3 5.7 3.2-6.4
fT4 15.4 11-21pmol/L

Since then I started taking daily iodine supplement , got tested for thyroid antibodies (negative), a liver function test (perfect) and got this

TSH 1.25 0.5-5
Free T3 6.4 3.2-6.4pmol/L
Free T4 20 11-21pmol/L

My blood results are all perfect minus low testosterone which is another issue. The only thing I didn’t get tested lately is rT3. My body temperature is within range. So, is there anything to worry about here?

Looks like a great response to me.

I’d be tickled if that was my before and after.

Is it good to be on the top range though? Don’t forget this isn’t testosterone we’re talking about lol

You get to 98.6F/37C in the afternoon?

Your labs do suggest rT3 as a factor.
Drop in TSH suggests that thyroid now working less hard to get the job done.

Changes to fat loss/gain?
Changes in energy?

Are you feeling good?

We can’t see whatever your prior labs or history was.

please respond to the above

Oops didn’t see the response.

My temperature is around 36.1C, the only time it’s 37 is when I have a flu or cold.

My fat has been consistent for over 3 years, 98-101kg at around 23% bodyfat, it won’t budge no matter what. Energy levels are just mid-range, I can do things but I’m no dynamo.

Am I feeling good? No, definitely not great. I’m just used to it though, testosterone has been at 7.5-11nmol/L for the last 4 years (since I was 21). Endo won’t prescribe as much as a SERM, so I might go underground.

Check your RT3. If FT4 and FT3 are high, that may be because your receptors are jammed with RT3. Your temps are pretty low, so I’d guess your RT3 is high.

What are your doing for testosterone?

Your low body temperatures [oral?] and good rT3 numbers suggest that rT3 may be blocking as someone else has suggested above.

I’m a bit confused about this, because for years I’ve associated 37C with illness, that’s when I would usually go to the doctors to get a script. 36 seems to be the norm for me, right now at 36.5 using an old mechanical thermometer (armpit).

What would be a solution to rT3 blocking? Is it something that could be genetic and incurable?

No, 37C is not the result of illness in healthy persons. It is a healthy temp. 36C is pretty low. 36.5C isn’t ideal for most people.

To fix RT3, look into Wilson’s T3 protocol. Maybe someone here knows another way, but that is the only way I know

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You need to be familiar with this material.

Okay so I bought a new thermometer. I used armpit (36.5), oral (36.9) and rectally with a plastic cover (37.3). Not sure why so much variance, but I think this means my body temp is in a good range.

The variability in those temps looks right. Armpit is generally the lowest and rectal the highest.