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High Fructose Corn Syrup


Is this stuff taking over the planet?

Yeah, I know it is rampant in cookies, chips, crackers, soft drinks, ketchup, etc. But yesterday I bought a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread at my grocery store. When I was putting it away I noticed high fructose corn syrup as the third ingredient listed! I thought some things were safe, but this seems to be permeating everywhere.

Give them bread and circuses, and high fructose corn syrup...


Its much cheeper than real sugar - see gov't corn Subsidies.


Check out this article:


It explains why corn syrup is indeed taking over the planet.


...and it has a synthesizing effect with sugars, which means you can use less of it and still get a really sweet taste.

It's also much more soluble.

It's all about saving money and giving consumers the tastes they want.


Yeah,they're starting to put that crap in whole wheat bread and then list it as "all natural" so we'll buy it.
I,however,am not that stupid.

I don't buy bread unless it's sprouted organic whole grain bread. The bread I buy is "Ezekiel organic sprouted grain Bread."It has all of the essential amino acids.It has four grams of protein,three -four grams of fiber,no sugar at all,and is made without flour.This is the best bread I have ever had.It's low glycemic too(very low actually).It has no conditioners, additives, artificial flavors,or colors in it.

This company actually takes pride in their bread and how they make it.I sound like I'm trying to sell you guys something,haha! Stay away from the HFCS though.
It doesn't help when you're trying to lose weight.


Think about people like my wife who can't have it. She is HFI(hereditary fructose intolerant). Her liver doesn't produce the enzyme that processes fructose.


From what I understand, HFCS does not elicit a sense of satiety either. Wonder why we have an obesity epidemic?
To the OP...Let this be a lesson to you...read the labels on EVERYTHING in the grocery store.


I avoid any and all foods with HFCS as an ingredient. Its amazing the 'health food' that contain this as an ingredient. For example....Metabolic Drive Bars are the only bar I've ever seen that don't list it as an ingredient.


Amen, there is a boatload (one need only read the ingredients) of "diet" food that contains HFCS. Kind of interesting when you consider your body doesn't know what to "do" with it so it stores it as fat.....


Does the ingredient list actually list "High Fructose Corn Syrup", or does it call it something else?

(Yes, amateurish question, but not something I have really thought of)



I have a question. Why in the hell do you buy a product without looking at the ingredient list first? I thought that was a T-Nation unwritten law. I simply can't imagine buying a product without looking at the ingredient list.


Because I've been buying that brand for a while after originally reading the ingredients before my initial purchase. I don't generally revisit the label each time I buy it for products I've previously qualified. Same reason I don't pull up the Surge ingredient list each time I order online to ensure that the maltodextrin and sucralose haven't been replaced by HFCS.


Is it really that bad?

How much worse is it than plain sugar?

Will it acually have a noticible effect on one's physique as compared to when the label lists sugar?


Yes, grab any can of soda pop (this is an easy one), also it's things marked "cocktail" V8 - no, V8 (insert type) Cocktail yes, Ocean Spray no, Ocean Spray (insert type) Cocktail yes.
It's also in a lot of Protein Bars, anything made by SOBE, Red Bull, Rock Star etc.

On your next trip to GNC read before you buy......


Although there have been some theories and tests done on whether HFCS inhibits leptin from signaling satiety, they are not yet considered conclusive. It's an idea still in progress.

The official position as of now on HFCS is that consumption should be discouraged primarily because it is a concentrated source of additional calories. The other reasons have yet to be substantiated. That doesn't mean they are wrong, just that they haven't met sufficient standards for testing yet.


Sprouted grain is the shit. The health food store here has sprouted grain hot dog and hamburger buns, as well as sprouted bread and sprouted wraps. The wraps suck though because they crack when I roll them. Aunt Millies makes a good wrap though, "Carb Watchers", which actually has more protein and fiber and less net carbs than the sprouted product. No overtly nasty ingredients either. [/mini hijack]


I always think of that scene in Elf, where Will Ferrell pounds the whole 2 liter Coke. Let's see him try that with Milk!



high-fructose corn syrup causes inflammation.