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High Fructose Corn Syrup


Really tuning in my diet and thought I had eliminated all HFCS from my diet.
To my surprise it is even in my non fat yogurt! Unreal. Will eating 3- 8oz. servings of yogurt daily with HFCS be that detrimental or should I give up the yogurt all together and lose any health benefits?

Looked at grocery store and all yogurts had at least some HFCS!


The question is: why are you getting non-fat youguart?

Get natural youguart.


There are plenty of low-fat and non-fat yogurts w/o HFCS.

I prefer Stoneyfield Farms.


Fahg is right.Buy all natural/organic fat-free yogurt.I buy stoneyfield organic yogurt.No ingredients I can't pronounce.Just pure protein! It's good yo're keeping away from HFCS.That stuff can make weight loss much harder.Smart move.


Dannon Lite is pretty good. As a college student I don't really have access/money to get a ton of organic stuff so I just try to do my best. Dannon Lite has 13 grams of sugar which is pretty good for flavored yogurt and no HFCS. However, I still mainly restrict it to PWO.


Local supermarket didn't carry Stonyfield..Will have to try another. Thanks for the recomendations. Shocked at how many products contain HFCS! This stuff should be banned!


I know man.Most companies use it because it's really cheap.No problem.I'm sure there are other brands out there.Horizon makes organic fat-free yougurt.


I do a lot of shopping at Whole Foods. I'm still surprised that they carry so many products that have HFCS.

Whole Foods has about as many bad for you products as a regular grocery store. They're just bad for you with more natural sounding names for the ingredients.

Personally, I can get plenty fat on juice sweetened, organic oatmeal and walnut cookies.


Omg. Wow. Go eat two thousand calories of snack cakes and then go eat two thousand calories of whole/natural foods.You don't even know.

If I ate my maintenence level of daily calories in junk food I'd probably gain a bunch of fat,as would anyone else who did the same after a while. Junk foods are full of Trans fat,processed sugar,and HFS.Natural/organic foods aren't. I would rather trust a small family business that makes organic bread and oatmeal than some huge company like Kraft foods that has nothing but trans fat filled oils and have ingredients that your body won't even recognize.

The funny thing is when I bulk ,and I stick to natural foods, I have to eat more calories.If I did bulking on junk food I'd probably gain nothing but fat,just by eating a few hundred fewer calories.


I agree this stuff should be banned they don't have a problem banning supplements that are supposedly harmful to us but last I checked HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils have been proven harmful


They are;they make losing fat hard as hell. Anything that says "Hydrogenated ,or even partially hydrogenated,I stay away from.Even when you see "Artificial flavors" ,that allows the companies to put a whole load of crap in the bar that you don't know of and not list them.Also,just because it says "0 grams trans fat" doesn't mean it doesn't have any in it.Hydrogenated oils are pretty much the same thing.


Banning it? Sure, but unfortuneately the lobbyists wouldn't allow it.

If we just stopped providing subsidies for the corn, it'd raise the price of it and it might be curbed in it's use.

I would suggest moving the subsidies to things like broccoli, spinach, beans, etc.

It's funny, I am down in Singapore right now, and I was amazed to discover that the sale of Coca-Cola to kids under 12 is ILLEGAL. This is an attempt to prevent Singaporeans from bloating up to American sizes.

That would be a good start too.


I wasn't trying to imply that they were just as bad for you, just that the natural stores had plenty of bad for you things in them. Sorry, I wasn't clear.

They've got aisles of granola bars, cookies, crackers, candy, chips, etc. Their bakery, while more "natural" is still filled with things that we shouldn't eat. From cheesecake to creme brulee to ginger bread loafs. Then, even breads that aren't made with whole grains.

I don't dispute that organic is better for you, but organic sugar makes you just as fat as "regular" sugar. And, I don't think healthy sounding things like rice syrup are healthier than plain ol' sugar.

I like to shop there because I can get some things that are healthier, but you still have to be careful to read the labels. After all, they cater to all sorts of "healthy" people, including vegetarians, vegans, people looking for more soy, hemp, raw foods, organic foods, etc.

But, I can't find one thing in that store that uses any artificial sweetener, yet HFCS is fairly easy to find. Not a lot of transfats, there, but tons of Low Fat this and Low Fat that.

The huge, giant cookies at Whole Foods are good, but I don't see them as any healthier than the huge, giant cookies at Pavilions. Sure, the molassis in the one cookie adds a little something, but the brown sugar at Pavilions is might tasty, too.


Well,if I'm bulking and I go to have a piece of cake,I'd rather have one thats organic dark chocolate with no trans fat than one full of trans fat.The lesser of two evils,lol. Not to mention organic fodos aren't full of toxins and chemicals.


really?Wow.Coca cola is fucked,lol.


What's with the crazy attack on the spelling of yogurt? Seriously, what the hell kinda word did you just write?