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High Fructose Corn Syrup Ad Campaign



Searched for a thread already containing this but couldnt find it…if anyone knows where the threads at post it. This is shocking to me. I recently saw the commercial and frankly idk what to say.

I think some companies are feeling the squeeze HFCS is causing their business and now are trying to sell “the sweet surprise” and how its “ok in moderation”. What they and many gullible people fail to realize is that HFCS is in EVERYTHING. So moderation isnt an option for people who shop according to look of product and brand and not ingredient label.

We’re all fucked

If you guys have an hour and a half of free time lol, this was eye-opening when it comes to all the crap (hfcs) we put into our bodies.

^We had to watch this for my physiology class. Very informative