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High Frequency Training

Just checking in and seeing who else trains at a high frequency. Wanted to see some other logs to get a feeling of how others train.

I train Monday through Saturday in terms of strength training. I basically do Upper/Lower for 6 days in a row. I like to use 2-3 exercises per session. I think it’s better to be able to get the most out of one lift and really focus instead of trying to just rush through a workout. Feels like it gives your training day a sense of purpose instead of just going through the motions. I also condition before and after. I’m typically only in the gym for right at an hour unless I want to take longer.

This could be a typical week for me:

Mon - Back Squat 10x3, Ab Work 5x10, Sprint
Tue - Bench Press 4x8, Rows 5x10, Curls 4x12, Swim
Wed - Front Squat 10x5, RDL 5x10, Ab Work 5x10, Walk
Thu - Strict Press 10x6, Pull Ups 5x10, Back Ext 5x10, Hurdles
Fri - BW Exercise Only Day (Dips, Chin Ups, Push Ups, Lunges, etc.) Sprint
Sat - Deadlift 10x3, Lunges 10x6, Ab Work 5x10, Swim
Sun - Rest (now I just watch NFL. Before I would do a BB Complex)

I don’t really follow any program or sets and reps. I figure I just go in and do what I can and also base it on feel. Some days I’ll go really heavy and some days I’ll do lighter weights for more reps. But typically I go based on my muscular fatigue as I’m going through the strength portion. For example when I have my squat day I’ll be on my 8th set, if I feel super strong, I might add in more down sets. But if I am feeling pretty beat, I’ll cap it at the 10 or even 8 if it feels too heavy.

I typically do what I guess is known as giant sets or supersets. I also keep my rest periods very short. I don’t really time it, but it can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 90 seconds. So a typical session might look like:

15 Min Condition/Warm Up (kills 2 birds with one stone, usually not as intense)
30 Min Strength Portion (Giant Set: Strict Press 10x6, Pull Ups 5x10+, Back Ext 5x10)
15 Min Conditioning

Would train 3x per week built around the powerlifts if life allowed. Have to do with two/week for now tho.

Dunno what kind of focus or sense or purpose you are on about lel. I switch on (no hype just focus) when it’s time for my set, hit every rep like a single clean and fast then switch off while waiting for the next set.

I plan workouts/weeks/months beforehand so I know every rep has a purpose. Every rep is building towards the end goal.


I train whole body every day.

My job has me lifting heavy boxes and sacks and pushing/pulling heavy carts everyday except Tuesday and Thursday so it’s whole body those days. As far as training with a purpose, it is as the following:

Sunday: Job

Monday: Job + Squats, landmine presses, landmine 1-arm rows

Tuesday: 1 hour kickboxing and 1 hour juijitsu back to back. Both have a lot of body weight exercises.

Wednesday: Job + Power Clean to Push Press, arm pump work, quad isolation, shoulder pre-hab

Thursday: Like Tuesday

Friday: Job + Deadlift, 1-arm db bp

Saturday: Job + 1 hour juijitsu

I think most people would be very surprised to learn what kind of physical work capacity they actually have. The key is just to build gradually and not try to add everything at once.

Just like a big squat takes years to build, it takes years to build a solid work capacity.

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That’s the key right there!

I think people are capable of a lot more than what they think they can handle. I look at construction workers, UPS/FedEx workers, etc. They all do “full-body” everyday.

I always go back and look at actors and actresses that need to get ready for upcoming movies. These people drastically change their entire body in a matter of months.

But doing 1 hour kb with 1 hour jj is tough man! How do you eat?

I’m aiming for losing 1-2lb a week. I’m at 190 morning weight and want to get to 175-180 morning weight. So right now I go for about 2500 cal a day and have two days where I get closer to 3000. I’ve been successful so far so I’m just going to keep on keeping on.

As far as what I actually eat, I just go for quality high protein. Either protein smoothie, eggs + bacon + cinnamon roll, or protein oatmeal fro breakfast, lunch is a frozen meal with 20-30g protein and around 500 cal, and supper is whatever so long as it has ample protein and is 500*1000 cal depending on lunch and breakfast choice.