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High Frequency Training


I'm finishing up the 9 week, 3 lift russian squat routine in about two weeks and I would like to continue training with a higher frequency, and fairly high volume. I've been looking at running something like Dr. Z's DUP research training program as written, but I was also considering doing something like using a system similar to 5/3/1 but cut down into a single week.

This is a four week trainining cycle, shooting for rep prs each week for three weeks, deloading the fourth and resetting numbers like you would in 5/3/1 for the next four week cycle.
Squat 75% 1 rep short of failure
Bench 75% 1 rep short of failure

Squat 85% 1 rep short of failure
Bench 85% 1 rep short of failure

Squat 95% 1 rep short of failure
Bench 95% 1 rep short of failure
Deadlift 75%/85%/95%/deload each % is for each training week

my major complaint with Dr. Z's program is that a lot of the weights are individually adjusted and I feel like I progress better, and get injured less when my progression is planned. My major complaint here is that I'm not sure this is adequate volume for the bench press and the squat.


On Dr. Z's plan, only the hypertrophy day was individually adjusted. I just added 5 lbs each week. As to the condensed 5/3/1, if I were to do it, I would only do AMRAP (1 rep short of failure) on one of the days, and probably the 5/3/1 day. Plus make sure to adhere to the Training max as 90% of real max to start.


In the Beyond 5/3/1 book Jim has a high frequency template where you do 2 back to back cycles (24 workouts) in 30 days.


In my experience, high frequency and percentages (and planned progression) don't work together real well. When squatting every day, there are a number of days where it just isn't going to happen and I manage to grind out (or even miss) a single as low as "80%" of my max. And other days where a triple at 98% feels like a warm up set. Although, if you are looking at just 3 days a week it might not be as much of an issue.


I have only been doing it a short while, but i noticed this rather quickly. I can usually tell by 60-70% what type of day its going to be




I'm thinking I'll take a week or two of lighter training after this wraps up, then I'll try Dr. Z's routine. After that I'll probably try my idea so I can compare them.

Thanks for your help everyone. It really gave me some food for thought


Have you looked into Korte's 3x3?


I have, it looks interesting but I'm not looking to deadlift 3x a week right now. Good routine to point out though.