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High Frequency Strength/Block Program


Hey CT! First of, i want to thank you again for your chest spec. Program. Coming up on week 3 i think i already see visible changes but whats for sure i feel a much deeper, stronger contraction (had to drop wide bench today cause i was so pumped/felt deep muscle pump after the first). If you dont mind , i would like to ask a question, been reading a lot of "stuff" recenTly, and i would like to try to put together a high frequency/block type training after the chest spec. The main goal would be to get stronger while preserving muscle mass. I came up with the following and would be very grateful if you could comment/critique it:
Day 1.
Bench 4x2 @90%
Wide stance low bar squat 4x2 @90%
Dips 1xbw, 2x6-8
Chin up 3x
Side lat. RAise 3x8-10

Day 2
Bench 4x4 @80%
Sumo rack pull 4x3 @80%
Rear delt 3x15
Band pull apart 60 reps

Day 3.
Close stance paused squat 3x6 @75%
Db bench 3x8 @70%
Overhead press 3x5-8
db flye drop set (10-12 reps, 30 sec weighted stretch, drop, again 2x)
Db row 3x8
Straight arm pulldown dropset+weighted stretch

Day 4-5. Rest
Day 6:
Bench 3x3 @80%
sumo Deadlift 3x2@ 90%
1 chest triset "growth factor style"
1 shoulder growth factor width complex
1 hamstring exercise
10 min arms

Could you comment and critique it please? Would be greatly appreciated, it is always an honour to learn from an experienced coach. Thank you very much in advance.