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High Frequency SGHP


I was reading CT's setup in his "Deadlift: Friend or Foe" article and was curious if a similar approach could be taken for the SG High Pull? I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be a good idea? Thoughts?

Just for reference, the split was as follows:

Here is the cycle I use... it is a 4 days cycle (so 4 days per week):

DAY 1. 60% of your max for 10 sets of 2 done as fast as possible
DAY 2. 60% of your max for 13 sets of 2 done as fast as possible
DAY 3: 60% of your max for 15 sets of 2 done as fast as possible
DAY 4. 60% + 40lbs for 10 sets of 1 done as fast as possible

Then restart the cycle with 20lbs more... so it would look like:

DAY 1. 60% of your max + 20lbs for 10 sets of 2 done as fast as possible
DAY 2. 60% of your max + 20lbs for 13 sets of 2 done as fast as possible
DAY 3: 60% of your max + 20lbs for 15 sets of 2 done as fast as possible
DAY 4. 60% + 60lbs for 10 sets of 1 done as fast as possible

You keep going until you start to have a form breakdown, this is normally after 3-4 cycles (some will extend it to 5-6) after that you stop deadlifting for a week, retest your max and start a new cycle.


For reference, his post regarding power output may be of some use to you.




Well, hell with it. Currently running "boring but big 5/3/1 program". Just switching from layer system after doing it for 4 months. Training is 4 days/week so I will do the SGHP at the end of each workout and see what happens. Already done first two days and seem to be recovering fine. Any input CT? Or anyone else??


I don't see any problem with that. Last time I was in Colorado (Biotest HQ) we wanted to film a spectacular high pull. So I did high pulls 5-6 days a week and went from 125kg to 180kg in 3 weeks.



Eh, wow.

Exploding 180kg up towards your face is a bit daunting ! Wow.

edit; May add SGHP so for Day 5 - Day 9... just do the ramp to 1RM.

I want 180kg !



I have watched that no less than 12 times today. It hurts my mind to even conceive of such a lift.


Hey CT,

Thanks for the quick response. One quick question. Would you change any of the sets/reps/% of 1rm for this lift as compared to the deadlift? Or should I just follow it as it is outlined? Thank you!!


Yes, I would use a higher percentage... 70-80% would be best. But have only a 10lbs increase instead of 20 and 20 instead of 40.


Thanks CT!! As far as what you did 5-6 days/week while you were in Colorado, would you mind sharing the training plan you followed?? Just curious! Thanks for all you do for this site and for us trying to get bigger, stronger and leaner!! Much appreciated!



I ran out of superlatives for this guy a day ago lol.


Hey CT,

So... let's say I want to focus on squat strength and leg size and keep as much of the power-look inducing stuff as possible. I'd also like to keep things simple. Could I go about this like this:

Day 1.
Squat layers + the above SGHP setup
Day 2.
Power clean & push press + some deadlift-like or overhead accessory
Day 3.
Squat layers + the above SGHP setup
Day 4.
Horizontal pressing layers + the above SGHP setup
Day 5.
Squat layers + the above SGHP setup
[add to that some empty-bar technique work for the snatch before and some pull-ups after each workout]

Just that simple. I'd rotate through different layer setups for squat that you've shared so far (ramping FS into BS; ramping paused squat into normal squat plus bottom halves and jump squats; ramping to some higher RM (6) plus back-off sets).
Does this look good? Is layering squats 3/week possible without recovery problems?

Also, forgive me for bothering you with my own version of a layered program, but the approach you've shared with us is just too inviting when it comes to tinkering with it and modifying it to suit specific needs. I never liked following programs as-written - I have this kind of personality that gets bored unless I tinker with stuff myself. Still, you're the brains behind the layer philosophy and I don't want to make some kind of abomination out of it!


Well to be honest it's not a "program" that I would recommend since the sole purpose was to turn in a great performance on one lift. For someone wanting to build muscle all-around it is not a good option obviously.

And really there was no real plan. I just went in and pulled! Normally I ramped up to a max on snatch-grip high pull from blocks. Then continued to ramp up even though the bar would only go up to lower sternum/mid-abdomen just to get used to exploding with heavier weights. Then I switched to clean low pulls (trying to go through my navel) continuing to ramp to a max.

If I didn't feel strong that day, instead of doing :

SG mid-pull to 1RM
CG pull to 1RM

I would ramp up to a 1RM for that day on snatch-grip high pull from blocks (which would be lower than usual) then do 3-5 sets of 3 reps from the hang with 70-80%.

This was not to gain muscle mass it was only to make one specific lift very strong. It works in the short run, but cannot be sustain over the long run.