High Frequency Olympic Lifting

Ive been using best damn workout for natural Lifters for past 8weeks and i liked the approach of low volume and high frequency. The question is how to structure Olympic lifting exercises and its variation in high frequency and low volume.

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One Olympic lift variation per workout

Alternate snatch and clean/jerk exercises from day to day (so that gives you 3 snatch and 3 clean/jerk “workouts”)

Out of these 3 workouts (for each lift) I would do…

1 technical session … something like 6x3 @ 75-80%
1 Heavy session … either working up to a solid 1 or 2RM or doing 4x1-2 @ 90-92%
1 light session … something like 5 x 2 @ 70-75%


After above mentioned session should i rotate bodybuilding work and Olympic lifts accessories. Or do them in same day:
Main oly lifts session
Accessory oly lift session
Some bodybuilding work for arms and rear delts

Ahhhh… didn’t understand your question completely. I thought you meant adding olympic lifts to this program… you meant training for olympic lifting using the same structure… it doesn’t really work like thaf. I’m functioning on no sleep after a 26h flight will get back tomorrow

No worriers. Thats a long flight …damn 26hrs.

Sir, i think you forgot about this thread.

What about something like CT’s Simplified Bulgarian Training? That’ll have you doing the lifts 5 days a week. 2 high intensity, 1 middle and 2 lower (where you can add some assistance work).

Not sure if that would get the stamp of approval from CT himself but I think it gels with recovery and technical mastery.

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Yes it would… of course replacing the powerlifts with variations of the olympic lifts