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High Frequency Lifting for Type 2b?

Would push pull split or high frequency bodybuilding plan by thib work for 2b?

That’s just a split (push pull),which is the least important training variable… without knowing the content of the workout (exercises, volume, intensity, methods, etc) I can’t answer your question.

But maybe I miss understood you but isn’t splits likr the one used in type 2h plan like urs involve 2 muscle gruop a day?

Related to my earlier question… Is push pull like best dam. Workout fits 2b type? Such low volume e would make me gain size?

Out of all the programs I published over the past 19 years, this is the one that I received the most positive feedback from. People who never gained muscle, finally gaining some. Others making the best gains of their life. But you must compensate the low volume by doing every set like your life depended on it.

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Will do coach!