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High Frequency Inventor


Vince Gironda knew as much about building muscle 40 years ago as most experts know today. The man was a genious.

40 years ago he recommended a routine to gain the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time. It involved doing a full body routine including side laterals, dips, rows, drag curls, tri ext and front squats. You were to do 1 set of each excercise for 8 reps, 6 days per week. On week two you did 2 sets/excercise, 6 days per week. On week 3 you did 3 sets/excercise 6 days/week and so on until you got to week six where you did 6 sets/excercise x 6 days. That's nearly 300reps/week/bodypart.

Sounds a little similar to the 'breakthrough' high frequency systems being promoted on this site, 40 years later.

Much of his other training ideas and diet theories are being promoted and proven correct as well. Again 40 years after he first originated the ideas.

If there ever was a genious in the field of bodybuilding, he was it.


Question is: how much did people know in medieval times? in ancient times? in pre-historic times? (well maybe not prehistoric times)

It would be interesting to see if they didn't know just about everything that is worth knowing ... at least for bodyweight related exercises.