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High Frequency/Intensity, Low Volume

So im thinking of trying something a bit new. Recently ive been strength training about 3 days per week, doing usually 4 compound movements per workout, with a volume of about 15-25 reps per exercise.

So basically ive been doing 4x5 or 3x8, or 6x3.

This has worked fairly well for me in both strength and building some muscle, but i’d like to change to a slightly higher frequency and lower volume, mainly because i like working out, and would like to be able to lift 5 days a week, instead of just 3.

A couple of years ago, I read stuart mcrobert’s “Beyond Brawn”, and had very good results.

My workouts, would basically consist of warmups in my first couple of exercises, and then 1 set of each, deadlift, bench, leg press one day. And pullup, squat, shoulder press the other day.

Im thinking of switching from what ive been doing, and start with 2 sets per exercise, for maybe 1-3 weeks, and then going to 1 set per exercise for 1-2 weeks, then resting a week, and building back up.