High Frequency HIT With Limited Equipment?

Dr Darden,

Hypothetically, if you were to perform HIT-sessions 5 days a week - how would you recommend to do it?

With limited equipment - chinup bar, bench and adjustable dumbbells up to 70 lbs - I am considering a higher frequency in order to compensate for low volume/few sets/load and serious lack of time (kid nr 3 was born yesterday). That being said, I would like to keep consistency/momentum as a high priority.

I am thinking about less sets, in a shift of styles per training day (30-10-30, 30-30-30, 4/4, high rep pump, regular bro reps) adding loaded stretches when needed - with as high variety as possible in excercise selection.

I am certain you will recommend 3 times a week at most - but question remains: If you were to train HIT 5 days a week - How would you do it?

I would suggest what you said in your third paragraph.

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Or maybe a split routine, like body builders do, but each workout being shorter and more intense, focused on the chosen muscle group. It would give you longer recovery time between sessions for a particular muscle group. Doing one body part per day with an exercise or two should not be that systemically draining.

I remember McGuff talking about using a 6-way split at times when he was overloaded at work. Probably could find his video on YouTube.

For the equipment you have, 6 short workouts:

  • Deadlift/hip hinge
  • Chest press
  • Row
  • Squat/legs
  • Overhead press
  • Pullups
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