High Frequency Full Body

Hi CT,

I am currently completing a period of slightly lower frequency with hypertrophy as my main goal. I am just following this as abit of down time from an intense period of high frequency training with the intent to return back to this in a couple of weeks.

My question is: Would you ever consider training full body 4/5 times a week using only 3 or four exercises that you want to improve with methods which you have found to be the most effect at training these exercises. To clarify what I have just said above, I was thinking something like this:

Workout: repeated 4 days per week-

  1. Deadlift Capacity (as explained in ‘deadlift, friend or foe’)
  2. Back or Front squat
  3. Push press
  4. Olympic lifting complex or 6 weeks to super hero style complex

I would then add one day per week where I would hit other areas such as chest, rear delts and back or would take a day off and then repeat the cycle.

How would you perform the squatting and push press to prevent over training?

Can you see this working from a strength and hypertrophy stand point or is it just too much to recover from?

A lot to ask but thanks for any response CT, appreciate it as per

did you ever read his ‘high frequency strength’ stuff?..that.

I have heard people talk about it and understand the basic concept. Does anyone have any info on the method. I will be starting my rugby season soon so will be down to 4 days a week so just really wanted to focus on nailing some basics and wondered what rep scheme and style ct thought would be optimal for this method.

Read this, especially page 4.

Thanks CPerfringens,

I actually spent some time on this program a while back and enjoyed it. My problem now is i am about to start the rugby season so training days are cut down to 4 days. However i am going to try the workout i mentioned with HPMass principles applied to each and slightly reduced volume as i will only be performing deadlift, squat and push press each workout with either a complex, ring dips and rows or a hypertrophy specific circuit at the end of the workout depending on recovery and up coming fixtures.

hull2012 if i was you i would buy the in season training manual by jason shea off amazon your nit picking programs and the 6 week superhero is better as a offseason/pre season program so i would get this book it,ll teach you how to train and plan for rugby properly all my rugby friends have thanked me for it i would also look for the thread called olympic lifts/complexes and layer system CT posted some great workout mythology on there its on this forum take it easy