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High Frequency Experiment

Hello T nation, after several years of mostly training three days on one day off I’ve finally decided to give training high frequency and also a slightly modified form of ‘greasing the groove’ a go (I rest anything between 30-60 minutes in between ‘rounds’ of sets.

Any way, here is my routine:

Squat x 10-15 x 1 per day about a rep shy of failure
Goblet squat x lots of reps 3 x per day
Chin-ups 4 x per day (just shy of failure).
Seated lever rows 1 x per day medium reps 2-3 reps shy of failure
Floor press 4 x 10-15
DB front raise 4 x 10-15

^Done x 6 times per week (Sundays I take off and just take a long walk).

So far I’ve only been training this way for the last week but so far I feel AWESOME with virtually zero achiness (the first 2-4 days were a bit rough) but after that things started to get easier. Too early to draw solid conclusions so far, but so far so good.

Thoughts? Experiences with similar approaches?

Week 2 update:

Squat 77kg x 15
Goblet squats 22kg x 25
Assisted chins x 3
Seated lever rows 105kg x 4
Floor press 80kg x 15
DB front raises 22kg x 4

NB: Prior to this training block/experiment my lifts were all about 50% higher before I stopped training for 7 or so months, so it should be interesting to see how fast I can get back to where I was.

Week 3 update:

Squat 80kg x 20
Goblet squats 22kg x 30
Assisted chins x 6
Seated lever rows 105kg x 6
Floor press 80kg x 20
DB front raises 22kg x 7

Progress still going well, though I’ve started only doing 5 times per week as opposed to 6 + I’ve added in some circuit training at the end of the week for extra conditioning awesomeness…penultimate train before xmas…have a good one folks!

Week 4 update:

Squat 102kg x 7 + 92kg x 15
Goblet squats 27kg x 30
Assisted chins (thin band) 4 reps
Floor press 102kg x 10 + 93kg x 15
DB OHP 27kg x 15

Progress is still very swift especially with floor press…feels good to be repping over 100kgs again NB: front raises have been substituted by dumbell ohps.

Week 5 update:

Squat 112kg x 13
Goblet squats 10kg x 65
Assisted chins x 5
Floor press 112kg x 10
DB OHP 32kg x 10

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Week 6 update:

Squat 132kg x 8
Assisted chins x 5
Floor press 97 x 20
DB OHP 32kg x 15

You seem to be progressing quickly. Are you liking it?

Yeah, it’s going really good, it just remans to be seen whether I’l continue to progress at the same rate once I’m back to the level of strength I was at before my lay off.

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