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High Frequency BB Phase 2/3

Hi Christian,
I have made it to week 7 of this program twice now and reset. I really don’t enjoy the 1RM work but the whole week is set up off of that number. Would it be possible to work up to a 3RM instead and if so what percentages would you recommend for the following three workouts in the week?

Thank you

If you use a 3RM, then the percentages are the same but based on a 3RM and not a 1RM

Sorry I just want to clarify. I would use percentages based off the 3RM, so same volume but essentially a lower weight (because I did a 3RM instead of 1RM). Or do I use a 3RM to estimate a 1RM to work off of. Either way I know I’m over thinking it.

Thank you Christian!