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High Frequency Back Training


Anyone know of any bodyweight back exercises that don't require a chin up bar?


You need some sort of bar for anykind of back exercise. I mean there are rack chins which don't require a pullup bar, but you need a bar non the less.


I mean for the most part ya, but you can use you're door frame which I actually used for a long time. You can do lots of forced negative push-ups (wide grip). As far as bodyweight goes, not really much you can do, but you can just pick up some heavy things and do rows with them. Get a suitcase and put some heavy things inside. You can always thing of home-made ways to make gym equipment, just get creative!


I was going to mention the door frame/door knob, and then I imagined myself at 255 pounds hanging on it, and then I imagined the spanking I would get from my mommy when I broke the door frame lol j/k. But she really would be pissed.




Thanks. The wife threatened to shoot me if I installed a chin up bar (we are selling our house and she does not think it will improve the property value. What does she know?) I love the ghetto workout, the sad thing is I would have to drive further to find really usable infrastructure than I have to drive to my gym. It is still an awesome video.