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High Frequency and EDT?

Ive been toying with this idea for the past week. Lately, I have been alternating between PTP (a typical low volume high frequency strength program) and EDT (higher volume, moderate intensity circuit training).

I recently switched back to EDT and found a dillema. Now that my strength has increased substantially, I was able to do too much work in my EDT circuits, and although my Nervous system was able to do the work, my immune system was shot.

Heres what i did:

First circuit (15 minutes)

A: Deadlift 80% 1rm (245lbs.)

*Deadlifts were performed in sets of 5, but pausing for 5 seconds or so between reps.

B: Floor press 80% 1rm (75lb dbs)

*These were performed as sets of five.

***For the first circuit, I was able to perform 5 sets, for a total of 25 reps.

Second Circuit (15 minutes)

A: 1-leg squats (BW)

B: Pullups (BW+15)

***Each of these was performed in sets of 5, and i did 35 reps of each total.

I did significantly less intensity on the second circuit, mainly because the firs one was so gruelling. I was winded, and felt quite close to vommiting.

This lead me to thinking, I either need to shorten the duration of the circuit to 10 minutes, or not do the second ciruit at all. Then I got to thinking, why not decrease both, but up the frequency.

Heres what I came up with, let me know what you guys think.


Circuit (10-15min)

Floor press


Circuit (10-15min)



Circuit (10-15min)

Shoulder press


Circuit (10-15min)

DB Snatch

Wed, Sat.


Other than the circuits, I was thinking of throwing in accessory lifts on upper body days, and ab exercises on lower body days. Also, I will do some form of cardio, 3-5 days for 15-20 minutes.

My main goal here, is to improve the amount of work I can do in a given amount of time (ie: density) I use PTP to increase strength, and EDT to increase strength endurance and work capacity.

Im gonna try this one way or the other, but just wanted to get everyones input. Thanks.

I’ve had a lot of success in the past with abbreviated “HF EDT”.

I did 15mins of EDT 6 days per week and found it great for mass and getting my main lifts up. The only catch for me was getting to the gym that frequently, otherwise I’d still be doing it now.

If trying to up a certain lift, I would include a “heavy” and “light” day for that lift. E.G. for squats, I would do 15 mins of singles or doubles on monday, and then sets of 5 on thursdays.

I don’t understand why you’ve included extra cardio though - I’ve found that EDT is the best cardio there is!

kk thanks for the input, maybe I will cut out the cardio, i’ll have to see how it goes.