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High Frequency 5/3/1


I setup my training almost the same a few months ago. I'll be giving this a try as it seems better structured and will make me focus on moving the big lifts up.

Cycle 1 Est. Maxes
Military Press 145, 150
Bench Press 240, 245
Squat 275, 285
Deadlift 325, 335

Day 1 Session 1, 12/12/12
military press
45 10
95 5, 5
115 5

lateral raise, sets of 12, kept moving up in weight

leg raises

BW 5x6

I decided to start the program after this session so it looks a bit funky. As badly as I want to do triceps extensions and lateral raises, I'll be following this program to the letter after today.


Day 2 Session 2, 12/13/12
165 3
190 3
215 3

205 2
235 3
265 3

Back raises 3x10


Interested to see how this will work out. Also…I’m glad you changed your avatar. It was not enjoyable looking at a malnourished runner with sheyit all over him…lol


Interrested to see how this pans out.


he was cutting mightymouse!! gotta make weight for the meet

btw before you guys get excited, everything is in pounds. I’d read your log, Flor, but as a proper Amurican I don’t f*** with KGs.


Day 3 Session 3 12/14/12

bench press
45 20
95 5
135 5
155 3
185 3
205 1
215 1
225 1
235 1, 1 PR
all paused for ~2 seconds

BB curl
45 12
65 12, 12
85 12
65 12, 12

face pulls
60 5x12

will probably stop logging the warmup/curling weights brahs. Today was cool because I’ve never touched beyond 225, but then got 235 for two.


You gonna be pausing all your benches?


I do it somewhat naturally, because it helps my bar path stay consistent. I’m not sure to be honest, what would you guys recommend? As of now I’ve been doing touch and go for all the warmups, then pausing after the weight gets above 135 lol.


I start pausing on my last one or two warm up sets.


Day 4 Session 4 12/15/12
Session 4
175 3
205 3
225 3

Back raises 3x10
Hanging leg raises 3x10


Day 5 Session 5 12/16/12
military press
45 12
85 5
100 5
115 5
135 1
145 1 No belt today
Pullups, curls, RC work


Day 6 Session 6 12/17/12
165 3
195 3
225 3
225 3, 3
245 3

hanging leg raises 3x10
back extension 3x10

No belt today just as yesterday, I will be using one more and more as I need it, but if it’s not necessary I’ll avoid it. I did more weight than I was supposed to on everything but the first work set of squats today, simply because I was too lazy to change the weights more.

back extensions and leg raises are progressing, I just add more weight to the extensions and try to increase the ROM on leg raises every session


[quote]browndisaster wrote:
Day 5 Session 5 12/16/12
military press
45 12
85 5
100 5
115 5
135 1
145 1 No belt today
Pullups, curls, RC work[/quote]

Strong OHP you got there man, keep it up :slight_smile:


thanks braj, I’ll feel like a man once I can get 185 or 225 for reps

Day 7 Session 7 12/18/12
145 5
165 5
185 5
215 1
225 1
235 1
240 1 PR, I didn?t lock it out on my own but I had it for sure. Smelly dbag (indian of course) that I asked for a spot helped me up with this, even though I said not to do anything unless I said “help”
245 1 PR didn’t even have to grind this : ) 250/255 here I come

DB rows
100 3x10 strict

Rear delt raises
20 2x20 kettlebells

bunch of machine preacher curls
bunch of rotator cuff stuff on the cables and with kbs


Day 8 Session 8 12/19/12
135 5
165 5
190 5
215 5
used a belt today, but my back/hips felt fatigued and the 215 looked like ass. I didn?t go for the singles today because my knees were hurting from my shitty form 215 set lol, I will get some good singles in next squat session. I made it a point to warm up my hips a lot today, but I didn?t wear knee sleeves or do any sets with 45 or 95, which in hindsight I should not have skipped.

Back raises 3x10
this was hard and gave me a mean pump, even though it was only bodyweight

I?ll do abs in the evening


Noticed you haven’t taken a day off yet. How is the energy?


I’m feeling good brah, I really like training daily. I’ve been getting well over 8 hours of sleep for the past week as exams are over, but I’ll continue to get 7-8 now as I get back into a stricter schedule.

I think my only worry in lifting is being sidelined by injuries. All too common on these logs I see on page one something along the lines of “bench 300 squat 400 deadlift 500,” then seeing only rehab posts on the last few pages of the log lol. I guess injuries are part of the game, but I’d like to avoid them if I can. For example, yesterday’s squat set gave me pain in my left knee and right wrist because I let my form go to shit.

I’m just going to be extra careful with warmups and form for everything. I did make it a rule yesterday to not lift unless I had already done my recovery stuff for the day (pvc rolling, stretching, inversion table, etc) as I’ll avoid doing it at all costs lol, but tight IT bands and hip flexors could make the difference between smooth squats and knee wreckers.


Day 9 Session 9 12/20/12
military press
45 10, 10
100 5
115 3
125 1
130 1
140 1
150 1 If I can stay ahead of the maxes I’ll be happy
155 fail, fail hahahah, I only rested enough to change the plates for each set today and 150 was my goal so I’m not too phased by missing this. I think visualization has a huge impact on lifts, 150 went up fast, yet 155 would not leave my shoulders either time. no belt today

Pullups, rotator cuff stuff, seated hammer curls


As long as you stay smart you shouldn’t get to beat up. Following 531 should keep you from failure mostly which will help prevent injury.

Also…I believe every time someone says or types the word “brah” that both a kitten and puppy are murdered…I have facts to prove it.


Let me know what times you are lifting and I’ll make sure to troll your log and make you angry right before you leave to go train.

i.e. aight shit MouseBrah I see you with that Slingshot CGBP…MouseBrah GET AT MEE #YOLO