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High Freq HIT with Clusters


Hi Coach,
what are your thoughts on 3 on 1 off(pull/push/legs), adding clusters to maintain strength, and dropping a couple of other exercises?

eg Pull Day

Deadlift, ramp to solid 3rm(85-90% of 1rm)
3 x clusters of 4-6 reps

Supinated lat pulldown 3 x 6-8, last set rest pause etc
Seated row " "
Rear delt machine " "
Bicep curl " "

push day bench press clusters, and legs would be squat clusters + 3-4 accessory exercises.

Thanks in advance for any feedback


anyone tried this approach? any feedback much appreciated!


That’s does seem like too much overall volume with the 4 assistance exercises for 4 sets including 1 rest/pause set


thanks for the feedback coach. Would “best damn”( 1 hard set ) assistance be ok? I’m currently doing “Thib mass” from your book.