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High Free Testosterone

Move the decimal point once to the right. 25.0 Ng/Ml is 250 in pg/l.

My free t in pg/l is 25, in Ng/ml it would be 2.5… serious bullshit. This is why my doc told me to take more T. My free t was below range.


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All your answers and help have been great. How long should it take for my estrogen to drop?

Because of some advice I received on another post I did, I am going to reduce the amount of testosterone I am injecting, and will split it. How long could/will it take for my estrogen levels to drop? Also I have read that subq injections could also help with estrogen levels staying lower, is there any truth to that?

In my experience, estrogen drops quickly, within a few days. SQ made if feel like estrogen as higher, I have seen the reverse true for other people.


E2 should drop immediately with the smaller total weekly injections split up. Not sure about subq diff.


Hahaha … I guess you aren’t following this thread where we talk about High HCT and HGB on TRT. Welcome to the world of confusion where no matter how clear it is, it still isn’t clear.

You do IM now? I was on 200mg every two weeks IM originally and my E2 took 7 months to reach 47. This time around, on 10mg ED subQ, it went from 25-45 from week 4 to week 8.

So your e2 rose with daily shots?

It did, no idea why. Had bloods done today so I’m hoping E2 will be lower after lowering T dose to 8mg. I’m definitely peeing a lot more than I was so I’m thinking something’s changed.

My e2 rose a bit too when I increased frequency, but systemlord thinks it’s because I didn’t drop the overall dose a lot.

Are you low shbg?

Yes, riding the struggle bus at 12.5 last time it was checked. Could explain the rise but it wasn’t a whole lot higher when I was at 200mg, 15 maybe.

Interesting. I’m usually around 19-23 or so, which I consider low as my e2 gets really high, along with FT.

I am considering daily dosing… something like 10-12mg a day. Just debating subq or IM.

Have you ever found libido or arousal on trt?

Also, post new bloods at the 8mg/day dosing when you get them back.

10mg daily was too much for me, going from 10mg to 8mg was a huge step, on daily dosing small moves equals big changes in levels.

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I always had a high libido, if anything trt has hurt it. It could be because I haven’t found the right protocol yet but I’ll have a week where I’m a sex-fiend and then it disappears and I don’t think about sex all all.

For the past few days I’ve been mentally aroused by women but my penis just doesn’t react. I feel otherwise mentally ok though, that’s all that matters to me at the moment.

It can take a year or longer if your at the right dosage and dosing spaced out properly to get raging libido back, that’s why it’s important you’re working with an experienced doctor or else it will never happen.

You can’t just inject T once or twice weekly and expect miracles, everyone is biochemically unique.

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Maybe the subq really is more potent. They have said 100mg IM = 80 mg subq . That would answer why. Compare results on free t and total. You have your answer If they are up and so is e2.

Your system rebooted with another source of T. It will take time for it to come back fully. But yeah it sucks. Jsut don’t worry about it too much. It will take tweaking and eventually you’ll find your sweet spot. Nobody said this would be easy :slight_smile:

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I’m totally not worried about it, it works when necessary. Like I said, I’m just glad to be feeling mentally better, even if it’s only been two days.

Gotta see the cristler video again. Was the 80 like 100 cause it’s subq or because we are splitting the weekly injection in 2?

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