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High Free Testosterone

I have been on testosterone shots for 9 weeks. I just got my blood work back and my free testosterone was high, and my estradiol is high. I’m on 200 mg spit into two doses. I was not taking arimidex but will now take it. What does high free testosterone mean? Something doesn’t seem right because my testosterone level 324 when I started, could it also shoot up that high?

Total Test 1091 (250-1100 ng/dL)
Free test 302.2 (35.0 - 155 pg/ml)
FSH 0.7 (1.6-8.0 mIU/mL)
LH 0.2 (1.5-9.3 mIU/mL)
Estradoil Ultrasensitive 64 (

Thank you

It’s good. Your total t is also at upper range.

It’s good your free t is able to go up.

How do you feel?

If you feel very good, check CBC to make sure your good there too.


Those aren’t so good. I need to go my doctor and discuss those.

RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 6.04 (4.20-5.80 Million/uL)
HEMOGLOBIN 17.3 (13.2-17.1 g/dL)
HEMATOCRIT 51.3 (38.5-50.0 %)

Overall I feel good. No libido, I’m thinking the high e2 could be the cause of that?

Yes it can. It appears you should lower dose. That should help immensely.

How much do you inject weekly and frequency?

If you lower dose I suggest not starting an ai.

Your body and labs is telling you inject less. You should not take another medication when the obvious answer is your are taking too much testosterone.

It’s like over eating saturated fats that increases cholesterol and taking a statin instead of eating less bad stuff that caused the elevated cholesterol.


Lower my t shot dose? If I go down to 100mg, do I still need to take an AI to get my e2 back down?

I am injecting 200mg.

You sure you are injecting 200 mg a week?

Can you get info from vial and state the quantity you are injecting. Just to be sure.

If you are in fact doing 200mg 1x week. You can try 150 1x a week. Or maybe 120 a week split in 2 injections a week. Doing 2 a week may help you feel more stable since levels fluctuate less.

Got it. I appreciate your help. I’m assuming my lh and fsh are low because of a high dose also? I’m not injecting hcg?

LH and fsh should be close to zero. Your Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes- Axis is shut down. When your axis sees exogenous testosterone it stops producing LH. Even if you inject 100 it will still be shutdown. This is how it works.

I edited post above.

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And no ai. When you do the new protocol do for 7-8 weeks and retest. Keep us updated.

I did have a vial that was purchased online tha was 250mg per 1ml but I was dosing it at at .03 twice a week to try and get 200 mg because I couldn’t afford to get the prescription from my doctor. But I decided I didn’t want to use the that because I didn’t know what I was injecting so I picked up my prescription that is 200mg/ml

So you are injecting 1ml the entire vial? That would be 200 mg

I switched to the prescribed vial yesterday. And I am splitting my doses. I did the vial I purchased on line for 8 weeks than got my blood work done. That one was 250mg/ml but I dosed it at .03 split twice weekly

So since it’s 200mg per 1ml. You can do .3ml (60 mg) 2x a week. Like Monday morning and Thursday afternoon.

Easy to do with insulin syringes. I use 29 gauge 1/2" .5 ml. Very easy to dose

so you would go to 30 unit Mark

Appreciate your help man. I’ll scale it back and hopefully get my libido back. Thanks again.

More is not better with trt. After the 120 a week it is possible you may need to go down further. Good luck.
Keep us posted.

One more quick question, if I have the 250mg/ml how would I measure that to get 60 mg, Or is that even possible?

Yeah so we don’t either.

It’s about.25

1/2 of 250 is 125 so that’s .5 ml

So half of 125 is 62.5 mg. So that’s .25 ml

See this … lab Corp reports Free t in pg/l but there range is like 10 to 25. This guys labs free t range is 35-150… I had 27 and thought I was high. This is nonsense…


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I see you doctor isn’t checking SHBG levels, there’s no mystery here, just that your SHBG must be on the lower end which is why free hormones are so high compared to your Total T. Lower SHBG men typically do better on two or more injections per week since Free T->E2.

These smaller more frequent injections will lower E2, the larger the injection, the bigger the impact will be in the form of estrogen.