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High Free Testosterone?


For the past year, I’ve felt off. Constantly tired regardless of my sleep. The first doctor I went to wouldn’t test my free testosterone because he said it was pointless. My total test. came back in the upper-high range. He then tried putting me on anti depressants and I said no. The next doctor I went to refused to test my e2 because it doesn’t effect nearly as much as testosterone. My total test. again was high, but my FREE TESTOSTERONE was well ABOVE the normal range. From my own research, I believe the elevated total and free test would bring my e2 pretty high? I would like blood tests to confirm this but have no way of getting this tested. I’ve never and will never do a cycle. I’m not sure if my e2 is elevated, but all the symptoms I have measure up with high e2. Should I try an AI because no doctor seems to want to help.


discountedlabs.com get your own labs done, keep searching for a doctor to provide labs to if the labs show something substantial.

Youre flying blind and may not have high e2. Low e2 in my opinion “feels” worse than high, which is what you’ll get with an ai if you don’t have high e2. Even if you do have high e2 you’ll never get your ai dose dialed in without follow up labs.



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T and E2 are only part of the problem. Your fatigue may be from low thyroid function, often subsequent to not using iodized salt. Eval your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky. Does not matter if thyroid labs were normal, the thyroid lab ranges are quite useless and mislead doctors.


Unfortunately I’m in NJ and can’t get my own labs done without a doctor’s