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High Free Test/Estradiol/Gyno Help


I'm 20. My natural Test level was around 400 ng/dL. Since I had some cyclic libido/erection problems, my doc gave me 2 biweekly 200mg test shots.

A week after the test shots, I got:

Total test 986 ng/dL (250-1100)
Free test 342 pg/mL (35-155)
Free % 3.47 % (1.1-2.8)
Estradiol 34 pg/mL (<42)

Since my symptoms persisted (4 "up" days a week after the first test shot and then off), he started me on Androderm after the bloodwork and said I'd be seeing an endo if it didn't help. He doesn't know shit about Estradiol problems in men and such. That was when I think my E was spinning out of control.

Two days after the bloodwork I had four very horny days, then it went downhill. I noticed strange feeling nipples two days ago. So I stopped Androderm and started REZ-V/ZMA that I had just gotten. Will they help bring down E and kill the gyno?

Unfortunately, I didn't know about the importance of free test and E so I didn't get them checked prior to getting shots. Do you think my very high free test level and E (which I'm sure is higher now) cause this libido problem? Yeah it's a cyclic one..meaning I'm up only 3-4 days every 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for any input.


sounds like a depressing situation. try and get your hands on some nolvadex(suprisingly easy to find) and running that for several weeks. although zma and the rv product might help a little bit, you will need something more effective to specifically (and hopefully) get rid of your little problem. best of luck



nolva 20mg ed one in morning and one 12 hours later


Where do I get Nolva quick on the net?

It takes too damn long to ship...usually 3-5 business days, BUT may take up to 21.

Thanks for any help.