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High Free Test and FAI But Low Estradiol

Hi Guys,

Looking for some help. I’ll try to keep this short and to the point - Since starting trt just over a year ago I’ve really struggled to get estrogen under control.

Current protocol is - 62.5mg test e pinned e4d + 0.25 adex 24hours after jab.

Looking for suggestions on what to do to get my levels in range. I dont know why my SHBG is so low? It wasnt before starting test. Also I phsycially cant cut the adex pills any smaller and I find it hard enough to get them exactly into 1/4s as it is. When I wasnt taking an AI I got awful anxiety and lumps under my nipples from estrogen being too high.

Basically feeling lost with that to do. Any suggestions would be great.


This seems to strain credulity. Your e2 is really low, and .25mg of adex every four days is obviously the culprit. But it’s a small dose. Which means without it you wouldn’t be so high that you’re out of range. And it seems very unlikely that you’d get anxiety and gyno when you have e2 at the midpoint (which is where you’d likely be minus the adex) of the range.

You have low e2, you’re taking a drug that lowers e2. The answer is pretty straightforward here.

If you’re going to insist on taking a drug you don’t need then here’s the suggestion: take less. And no, you don’t need to cut the pill anymore. Crush up the 1mg pill. Add 2ml of vodka to it. Allow it to dissolve completely. You now have arimidex at .5mg/ml. Want to take .125mg? Ok, measure out .25ml of solution and drop it into a glass of juice or whatever. Problem solved.

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Occam’s Razor at it’s best.

Thanks for the reply.

The reason I take the AI is because when I didnt, my estrogen was too high. This wasnt just me taking a guess, I confimed it with a blood test as the sides I was getting were horrible. I was very anxious, had trouble sleeping, libido issues and Id be very snappy and miserable. The test came back at 188pmol/L (range 41-159) so my e2 wasnt “mid range”. As soon as I started taking an AI the sides all went away and I felt a million times better.

I’ve read a lot that you can run estrogen slightly higher and be OK and that low estrogen can be worse but honestly I really find it the opposite. Having ‘low’ estrogen i dont really have any sides, my libido is a bit down but thats about it. High estrogen for me personally is horrendous so I guess it just shows everyone is different.

Anyway the point I’m making is that I’m not just randomly taking adex because I want to, I really needed an AI to stop those sides.

Thanks for the Vodka tip, I’ll give it a try.

Assuming someone has over the range E2, and we cannot deny the fact that some guys feel crap with high E2, maybe the tricky part bout taking AI is people take a bit, E2 lowers a bit, than they feel amazing, then they keep taking the same dose and after days or weeks E2 goes lower and lower, then they feel crap and therefore AI is evil, I was just wondering what if you micro dose with the vodka trick then you keep E2 where u feel amazing by keeping it I mean 1 micro dose once a week or every 10 days and not keep taking it till E2 goes too low, then u have healthy E2 levels in the high range with all the E2 benefits, NOT low end, but not above, imagine a shot of vodka u feel tipsy than to keep the tipsy feeling you keep taking really small shots just to keep you in that level, but if you keep taking the same shot size that put you in the tipsy mode 100% sure you will be drunk passing the sweet spot, this is just my point of view guys maybe I am completely wrong lol

I really like this. I think this is whats happened to me, not that I feel crap but I was confused because I was taking this dose AI and it initially showed E2 in range so was very confused when my bloods came back wrong.

I really like the vodka idea, I guess the tricky bit will be working out how much to take.

Keep in mind, these are steroid hormones, not peptides. We are talking about hormones which are slow acting and long lasting.

So .25mg of adex took you from 188 to 34? That’s an absolutely insane response to a medication. Maybe try aromasin instead. The dose can be more easily managed (since pills are 25mg) and perhaps you won’t be an outlier in terms of how you respond.

The other possibility, and this is going to be harder to unwind because almost nobody pays attention to this, is that your e2 is not 34 right now. If you got the non-sensitive assay (ELICA) on this test but the last one was the superior LC-MS-MS then you’re comparing apples to hand grenades and you don’t even know it. If they’re the same kind of test then that at least rules out error in testing tolerances and points back to you being an over-responder to adex.