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High Free T?

Quest lab results:

Total T = 982 ng/dl (Range 250-1100)
Free T = 291.7 pg/ml (Range 35.0-155.0)

Blood was drawn during the “spike” about 36 hrs. after injection of 100mg Test Cypionate. Prior to this injection, I had let myself “crash” and was feeling pretty bad. Wanted to bottom out, start over and see if the peak was still in range. Now injecting 50mg 2x/wk.

Is high FT a problem if your TT is in range? If so, is there anything that can be done?

Are you using HCG? Where is E2?

You should split injections to 2 or 3 times a week subq.

You probably have low SBGH.

Means you don’t need as much Test.

SBGH will increase with age, high estrogen, or liver problems.

Please keep posts in your original thread where there might be context to interpret with.


E2 = 52 (range “< 29”, ultrasensitive assay – no option to get the standard E2 test at the clinic I used)

Not using HCG. I have started RC anastrozole, but only after getting these results.

Thank you very much for the help.

It takes 7-10 days for the effects of lower E2 to become apparent. I guess we are on hold until you provide updates.

For injections twice a week, take 0.5mg at the time of your 50mg injections. And the standard notice that one needs to understand what anastrozole over-responder issues are. The serum anastrozole and FT levels will roughly track each other.

If you inject SC, delivery will be smoother and FT will be less spiky. FT spikes drive spikes of FT–>E2. So there will be a E2 spike, lagging after the FT spike.