High Free T Low TT

My SHBG is below range so I’m producing really high free T but just middling TT (like 24 on a range of 8-29). And I’m aromatising a lot. And I don’t feel good. I’m dieting and exercising to raise the shbg but should I be aiming to get my free T in range, regardless of the fact that’s going to end up in TT that’s at the middle to low end of the range? I just have no libido and weak erections. Anastrozole and cabergoline aren’t really helping me feel better though they’re getting e2 and prolactin under control. I can’t talk to a trt doc at home at the moment and I’m in Colombia - where they’ll sell enanthate and deca OTC but it’s illegal for an endocrinologist to advise on trt!!!

I’m taking 12.5mg ED of test cyp. Maybe I should drop down to EOD to get my free T down into range then maybe my e2 will drop and I can stop the AI.

A 691 Total T is NOT middling, and I wonder about how you view yourself, if your self-esteem is low. Your medical problems don’t appear to be hormone related, that seems obvious.

Okay, that means aromatization and high prolactin are not what is causing your problems.

There’s literally hundreds of medical conditions that could cause these symptoms.

Any psychological problems?

Are you taking any medications, anti-depressants?

If you change things too often, you’ll never find something that works.

The biggest mistake is not giving protocols enough time.

If you have low ferritin, vitamin D, or any insufficiencies, deficiencies, no amount of testosterone will help you.

How long have you been on this protocol?

I’ve always had depression but no antidepressants because they give me cognitive and sexual problems. I’m very aware of mental health component and I’m separately taking many steps to sort it, including rTMS and microdosing psychedelics.

Two months. All those other checks have been done. My ferritin was low but the trt doc told me what to take.

‘Middling’ was a poor choice of words you’re right. I guess a trt doc said to me once we need to get your TT to the top of the range without getting your E2 too high. That advice has stuck with me but I’m starting to think maybe I should be less focused on TT and more on free T? Free T and androgen index are extremely high.

That’s a problem. Some men will need iron supplements on TRT.

Free T is what drives effects of testosterone, not Total T.

Are you aware of free T that’s above range ending up with a kind of diminishing returns effect? Too much of a good thing?

There’s no one right answer, depends on who we are talking about. A guy with short CAG repeats, very sensitive androgen receptors, high Free T, absolutely too much of a good thing.