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High Free T & Estradiol, 100mg Every 10 Days?

So was mine at 3 months. Uro said don’t worry about it, come back in 3 months with new bloodwork. BINGO BANGO it settled down to LOW-NORMAL, naturally. :))))

I’m not heavy though. YMMV, just sayin’… :slight_smile:

Not stressing. I have been on this roller coaster ride for a couple of years now. they diagnosed me with a prolactenoma and put me on cabergoline. they tried to jump start my testosterone production with Clomid at first. It brought my levels up to a very high range but as soon as I stopped taking it my levels drop again. I went through 3 cycles of that before being put on the gel. the gels first round didn’t bring levels up enough, so then she put me on the max dose of gel. that didn’t bring it up high enough either. so here I am on the shots. this was my first visit upon starting them. I’m just tried of trying to get dialed in. I want to feel good for a change. I do feel better, so i guess I cant complain too much, but I know I should feel better.

I was misdiagnosed for years, so my trust in doctors is a little skewed. you hear so much on these forums and online about some doctors seemingling making bad choices when it comes to TRT and their patients, i’m just trying to make sure my doc is not one of them.

I have carried a few extra pounds my whole life, but was never too fat. Here within the last 10 years, going through these issues i have steadily increased in weight.

she is going to run those test and seems to be inline with what you are saying. she is just lowering the dose by spacing out the injections. I guess I need to just trust her and see what happens.

Interesting, i wish it was that easy for me lol

thats what she said. she said that it should trend down. i will follow what she says and see.
what does YMMV mean? Lol!

I don’t think you should lower dose by spacing out more. If you want to stay close to what she wants then stay at 1x a week and lower dose to 80 or 90.

My Dr wanted every 2 weeks then I convinced every week. Then did 2 x a week.

1x a week is possible. Whatever you decide don’t keep changing until at least 6 weeks.

@garcs082, dont trust her that will be your downfall.

Question amd reseach everything and stay on top of it. I didnt stay on top of it because i was drinking and getting fat so i didnt care.

Now im having to restart and re-stablise. But this time its basically without any support from my endo he told me the other day basically buy test, hcg and ai if needed online.

These doctors dont care they just want money. So always question and research

Doc told me to take it in the middle of each dose.that’s why I took it at 3 1/2 days. I’ll ride this one out and see how it goes. if it doesn’t normalize, I’ll tell her i want to try the E3.5D. Thanks for your comments.

Great point, pick your protocol and stick it out through the good and bad for 6 weeks.

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Are you self injecting or are you having to go to her office for your injections?

Nm… after re reading your first post it is implying that you self administer your own injections. If this is true then ignore this question…

I self inject.

Good deal. At least you have options.

Phil65. How did you feel during that time? did you notice when it came down?

I agree excellent point. Don’t start changing shit 3 times a week. That’s a recipe for disaster.

You are already on E3.5D then, so if you still have high E2 you may have to ED or EOD. But then if this fails to bring your E2 down. There are several options.

Try a higher dose
Try a lower dose
E2 management

Yes I did start to feel better but I was just starting TRT, really. Getting better and better every month. YMMV = your mileage may very :))))

I meant the blood work. I was dosing 100mg every 7 days. now I am dosing 100mg every 10 days.

Got it. Thanks!

Your TRT protocol is all wrong, injections everyday is what you should be doing given your super low SHBG. This will be your fast track to recovery, do anything else and a long road to recovery awaits you.

My SHBG is 16 nmol/L and 50mg twice weekly felt like I was injecting water, not much happened, however it wasn’t until I started injecting EOD that my body started responding well to TRT. Controlling estrogen has been difficult and everyday dosing would be better for me.

Low SHBG men can struggle to manage estrogen, these smaller more frequent doses lower the estrogen peaks and therefore estrogen itself, this is because there is less testosterone in your symptom at any one time which causes you to aromatase at a lower rate.

An example, 50mg twice weekly sees 677 ng/dL, in a weeks time I have 100 mg of testosterone in my system. The same numbers can be achieved on 10-12mg daily, 70mg in my system within a weeks time, 30mg less and estrogen is lower.

This also allows you to require less anastrozole is needed at all.

After spending the day reviewing my old blood work. I think im in the same boat.

@systemlord, if you could have alook at my new thread. Im starting again this time going to focus more on getting it right.