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High Flying Log


6'1 with a 7'8" standing reach at 185lbs
Standing Vertical 32"
Running Vertical 38"
Squat 365lbs
DB Bench 75's x 6
DB Standing Shoulder Press 55's x 8
Barbell Row 185lbs

Goals by January 1st:
195lbs or more
Standing Vertical 34"
Maintain Running Vertical 38"
Squat 390lbs


Upperbody, Mon-Wed-Fri alternating workouts A/B (I may throw in extra shit if I have plenty left in me)
Workout A - DB Bench Press 3x8, Weighted Chin ups 3x8
Workout B - DB Standing Shoulder Press 3x8, Barbell Row 3x8

Lowerbody, Mon-Wed-Fri
Monday - Light Plyos, Squat 3x5
Wednesday - Max Effort Standing and Running Jumps, natural GHR's 2x8
Friday - Squat 3x5

I mainly lift weights to jump higher. I play basketball, and it really is an awesome feeling ripping down the lane and finishing off with an exclamation mark (a dunk). I can currently do a few dunks (two handers, dunk off a drop step, 180's, and maybe tomahawks on a good day).

However, I'm also pretty fed up at being skinny (from my POV). I don't give a shit about my six pack anymore. In fact, now I'm losing it -- good. Yes, this summer I had many compliments from my friends for my body and a few girls drooling over my cuts and pigeon chest, but they don't know better. I lift weights for ME anyway; no one else. And what I want to do, is get my bf% up to around 12-15% so that I can put on some serious muscle (which isn't that detrimental to my performance since i'm a 2-footed jumper) while maintaining my movement efficiency. Then in the spring time, I want to lean out and throw in a power block so that by the summer I'll be flying again.

I'll post a few vids of me squatting 355lbs when I weighed 173lbs, and of me doing a few cool dunks.

To wrap up the intro to my log, I doubt many of you will be interested in following along what I'm doing here. However, those of you that like seeing something a little different, or maybe if you're interested in jumping higher, I hope you'll be interested.


Some dunks

2-hand tomahawk in this one (3rd dunk):

2xbw Squat (actual lift is at :49):

Those are no longer e-claims in my intro post now :slightly_smiling:
Well as you see, there's just some basic dunks there. I'd love to be able to windmill, do some 360's (I've come very close), and be able to 2-hand tomahawk 7 days a week (I've only ever done it clean once in my life, and luckily I caught it on video).

Gains in the squat are pretty much directly transferring over to my running vertical. This is a good thing. However, now that my bodyweight's going up faster than before, the vertical gains may slow down, but then when I cut fat and throw in a heavy plyo phase I should have a great rebound effect and hopefully jump 40"+ running next summer!


Week 1

  • Rested a little more than 3min btwn each set on the squats, so I'll repeat the weight and shorten the rest next workout. Next week I'll try 3 plates for 3x5!
  • The shoulder presses got really easy. I probably could've gotten 15 reps on the first set, but I want to hit 3x12 before I move up to the 55lb dumbbells. I rest only 2min btwn sets for upper body lifts.


Hey man, I'll be checking this out. I have a log as well. My all time bests were a 35" standing vert and a 41.5" running vert [Now that I think about it I think he short changed me 'cause I was doing 360's, windmills, etc...]. Those were tested by a guy who used to work for the Heat. Not sure where I am now, but can still dunk fairly easily at 5'9" 180-ish after knee surgery. I've got a log here, so if there's any questions you have or just want to shoot the shit stop by. Good luck man.


Week 1

  • The squat... I rested a little less than last time, and yesterday I was practicing some jumps so I wasn't in top shape for them. However, I pulled through. Something awesome happened. On the 3rd rep of the 2nd set, I had a PERFECT rep, and I mean perfect. I don't know what I did, but I shot down and went a tiny bit deeper than usual and I just SHOT UP out of the whole like NOTHING, and I was fairly upright. I felt the form soooooo perfectly. Wow, I wish every rep was like that. Not only that, but the weight felt like it was around 45lbs lighter. I have a feeling that if I had some oly shoes I'd be able to hit reps like this more often. I may invest in a pair. Suggestions?
    -Rushed through the chinups; running out of time.


Week 2

  • Squat went well. Hit 3x5 for 315lbs, a milestone! I forgot to record it though. I took 4min rest breaks instead of the usual 3min, so I'll do it again taking 3min rest breaks on Friday. As long as I'm moving up 5lbs a week, that's fine. Damn, that's 20lbs a month anyway.
  • Weighed in at the gym today in chucks, shorts and a tank top at 194lbs! I want to be a solid 200lbs on any given day by new years. I think I can do 10lbs for 2.5 months so it shouldn't be a problem, I just have to consistently hit 4000+kcal a day.


Hey man, how did you measure your standing reach? Was it 2-armed, combine style? I ask 'cause 7'8" is pretty short for someone 6'1" and your vids don't show "gator arms". Mine is 7'6" or 7'7" one hand extended at 5'9" and I'm not exactly long armed. Congrats on the squat pr.


I have to update it. When I was 6'0" it was a measured 92"
I was flat footed and barefoot, and measuring just one arm and reaching as high as possible. The wall was on the side of me and not in front of me, that way I can reach higher.
Still, the vids were taken when I was 6'0, not yet 6'1" (I grew over the summer), plus I have somewhat of a long neck and big head. If I were standing next to another 6'1 guy, chances are that my shoulders would be lower than his to start with.


Week 2

  • Just a light squat day to make sure my form stays in shape. Heavy days are Monday and Friday. I was supposed to do some jump training today but the courts were taken up completely.


I've got a long neck and giant head, so I know what you mean. I'm guessing your reach is at least 2" higher than you think. Don't measure on a wall. Have someone measure [if you can] using a tape measure or vertec.


Also, if you're not jumping barefoot don't measure barefoot. You're potentially adding up to 3+" on your vert with everything. Don't cheat yourself.


How do you measure with a tape measure opposed to measuring on a wall? I don't have a vertec.

And I like to underestimate my vert an inch or two so as not to inflate it, otherwise I would have actually listed 40" at my best. I've been told it's probably 40" by others too. However, right now it's probably 35" and it's pissing me off. My standing vert is at 29" or 30" currently. The 38" running jumps were from a few months ago but I like to believe I could hit it again if I did some movement efficiency work (I don't play much basketball anymore) and a peaking cycle.

edit: o crap I realized I wrote I had a 7'8" standing reach in that first post when it was measured when I was 6'0 tall, yea you're right it's probably up to 2 inches higher.


You can jump either way, but a legit 40" is high. When I hit the 41.5" I was dunking 2 hands from a standstill, cockbacks off of drop steps, windmills, all kinds of shit and that's at 5'9". I put up a legit 37" or 38" [my av pic] a few months ago and I'm barely getting reverses right now. Either way, you can jump and with some practice I think you can put down some nice dunks. How old are you?


Week 2

  • Squatted deeper and with less rest than last time. Will move up to 320lbs on Monday.

Whiteflash, I'm 18 years old.


Week 3

  • I recorded the first set of my 320x5. I'm glad I did for two reasons. One, I'm going deeper than I thought I was. But two, I didn't realize that I lean a forward a tiny bit too much. You can see this on my last rep of the video (I'll post it soon when it finishes uploading) and it's obvious I should focus more on pushing through my heels.


From today's workout. Hit an all-time PR of 320 x 3 x 5.

I limit my time between reps to one full breath in between. This is to help me remember the valsalva maneuver. I take a big strong breath and try breathing only using my stomach. You can definitely see it expanding, and I try to tighten my abs with that full breath of air in my stomach to keep my lower back straight. So far, it's working pretty well.

I've been going a lot deeper on my squats than I thought I was. However, I notice that my heels may come up from the ground just a tiny bit when I drop into the bottom of the hole. I think that if I buy some nice squat shoes I can be more consistent with keeping my heels planted as well as adding maybe 5-10lbs to my squat almost instantly considering the consistently will allow my brain to make those neural pathways more efficient (since more of every squat can be exactly the same).


Week 3

  • Shitty workout. I was supposed to do this yesterday, but my pre-workout nap ended up taking 4 hours instead of half hour (I was so sleepy I don't even remember shutting off the alarm and drifting off again) and the gym closed. It threw me off my rhythm.

  • On top of that, I dropped 3lbs because I haven't been eating enough at all. Anyway, I think it's time for a little deload. I'll make sure to eat a lot this weekend and hit the weights hard on Monday. The squats felt very heavy today, and I was really struggling with the pendlay rows (I cheated a lot on them).


Week 4

I always seem to lose strength when coming out of a deload... it's very annoying. I get it back in a week or two though, and I don't stall anymore.


Week 4


Week 4

  • I tried something different for the squat warm up this time. I ramped up the weight with plenty of rest in between the sets and did sets of 1 with 100% intensity. I think it helped considering I got all 3x5 with 320lbs and I used 3min rests instead of 4 min rests. On top of that, I didn't do any dynamic warmups. I'm happy to try 320lbsx3 on Monday! I'm going to have to eat a shit load this weekend to get it :slight_smile: